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Courses - Year Four

Fourth Year Computer Science Courses

COSC 4F90 Computing Project
COSC 4F00 Software Development
COSC 4P03 Advanced Algorithms
COSC 4P13 Operating Systems - Design and Implementation
COSC 4P14 Computer Networks
COSC 4P41 Functional Programming
COSC 4P42 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
COSC 4P75 Compiler Construction
COSC 4P76 Machine Learning
COSC 4P78 Robotics
COSC 4P79 Expert Systems
COSC 4P80 Artificial Neural Networks
COSC 4P87 Foundations of Reasoning Under Uncertainty
COSC 4P94 Discrete Event Simulation
COSC 4P98 Topics in Computer Graphics and Digital Audio
MATH 4P61 Theory of Computation