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Java Resources

Since September of 1996, the Computer Science Department at Brock University has been using Java as the introductory programming language in its majors courses.  As Java is the primary language used at Brock University, we have provided this page to help people who are new to Java or new to Java at Brock.  If you haven't used Java before or don't have it installed on your machine, we suggest you follow the first link for complete installation instructions.  If you have used Java but need to upgrade or download the tools we use, see the Tools section.  The final section contains links to the reference documentation (APIs) for Java and the Brock packages (Media and BasicIO).

Standard (lab) Installation

Tools (download)

    • JDK (Make sure that you install Java 8, be sure to download the JDK not just the JRE)
    • DrJava (Current Version 20190813-220051 which requires OpenJDK)
    • Brock Packages (2014, unzip to a directory such as C:\brock\java\lib\ and add both .jar files to the Resource Locations/Extra Classpath in the Edit/Preferences dialog)
    • Other Java IDEs