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Applied Computing (APCO)

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We've all seen the changes that technology has made in our lives. Today, there is no workplace in which computers do not have a presence. Wouldn't it be great if you could improve your employability by including a study of applied computing within your degree or program?

You can now enhance your major by adding a Minor in Applied Computing (APCO). This gives you an opportunity to supplement your major interest with courses designed to provide an overview of the diverse areas in which computing is applied.

In creative and collaborative learning, the defining first course, (APCO 1P00), harnesses multimedia to illustrate and simplify programming techniques. Proceeding from this foundation, software packages are dissected (APCO 1P01); computer design, operating systems and home networking are opened wide (APCO 2P11); ethical scenarios and information literacy are tackled in APCO 1P50; followed by an understanding of the ideas and principles that support the current and future technologies embedded in the Web (APCO 2P89). The APCO minor provides all of these insights without the requirement of University-level mathematics.


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