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Courses - Year One

First Year Computer Science Courses

APCO 1P00Intro to Media Computation (Current/Recent Syllabus or Outline) 
APCO 1P01Fluency with Technology 
APCO 1P50Integrity and Literacy in the Information Age (Current/Recent Syllabus or Outline) 
APCO 1P93Applied Programming 
COSC 1P02Introduction to Computer Science 
COSC 1P03Data Structures and Abstraction 
COSC 1P50Integrity and Literacy in the Information Age  (Current/Recent Syllabus or Outline) 
MATH 1P01Calculus I 
MATH 1P02Calculus II 
MATH 1P05Applied Calculus I 
MATH 1P06Applied Calculus II 
MATH 1P12Linear Algebra I 
MATH 1P66Mathematics for Computer Science I 
MATH 1P67Mathematics for Computer Science II 
MATH 1P97Differential and Integral Methods 
MATH 1P98Basic Statistical Methods