Cosc 3P94 Winter 2022
Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

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The Three Pillars of Learning, Who is Responsible!

Three things must all be in place before one can learn. These fall as responsibilities on the individual(s) which take place within the learning process. If you are doing poorly, take time to evaluate and determine which pillar(s) are not doing their job.
  • The TA (Teaching Assistant or Seminar leader) is the course representative which works in the seminars closely with the students. They are responsible for being on top of the material so correct information can be disseminated. It is their job to actively participate in the learning process by seeking out areas where students are having difficulty and then taking appropriate action. A TA is often asked to do the assignment or partial assignment for the student, this defeats the learning process. A TA is a coach not a player. Without a knowledgeable TA, students will not get meaningful answers to their questions, and labs or seminars become a waste of time.
  • The Instructor is in charge of all aspects of the course. The job of the instructor is to ensure material is properly and clearly disseminated to the students so the students gain a better understanding, and come away from the course enriched with knowledge. Irresponsibility of the instructor results in disorganization, confusion and students gaining little use from lectures and assignments, thus resulting in little to no learning.
  • The Student must take the attitude that they are in the course to gain knowledge and not a credit (although a credit is a nice side effect). With this attitude: lecture attendance, lab attendance and general responsibility toward learning and understanding the course material will realize this goal. A student who skips lectures, labs, falls behind in readings and assigned work will often receive a poor grade.
  • I need help? What to do...

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    Readings - These readings are organized on a weekly schedule. Students are expected to keep up with the reading in order to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the lecture material. Falling behind in the readings will only hinder the understanding of current topics. Some seminars will focus on the assigned readings. Assignments and tests may include references to this material. In order to stay on top of things it is suggested that students put forth a little weekly effort now to avoid a great deal of suffering toward the end of term.


      Weekly Readings
    Guide to GOMS Model Usability - Print it, read it, understand it;  Cooper Ch1-2
     John Cato Ch1-2  (3hr. Reserve in Library)  Cooper Ch 3-4
    Human - Computer Interaction Chapter 15 - "Models of the User in Design" (3hr. Reserve in Library);  Cooper Ch 5-7
    Human - Computer Interaction Chapter 12 - "Task Analysis" (3hr. Reserve in Library); Cooper Ch 8-10
     John Cato Ch3-4  (3hr. Reserve in Library); Cooper Ch 11
    The Humane Interface Ch 1 - 4 - 3hr. Reserve in Library ; Cooper Ch 12
     Ben ShneidermanDesigning the User Interface Ch6 (3hr. Reserve in Library); Cooper Ch 13-14
     Ben Shneiderman - Designing the User Interface  Ch7 (3hr. Reserve in Library); Cooper Ch 15-17
     John Cato Ch5 Visual Design  (3hr. Reserve in Library); Cooper Ch 18-19
    Ben ShneidermanDesigning the User Interface Ch8 (3hr. Reserve in Library); Cooper Ch 20-23
    John Cato Ch6 "Use"; Cooper Ch 24-26
    Design of Everyday Things - Chapter 6 The Design Challenge Norman

    3P94 Hall of Shame

    If you have any shameful interfaces or human factor issues you would like to share then email the instructor.

    3P94 Interface Hall of Shame
    Ash Tray
    Error, WTF?
                    Brock Portal

    Supplemental Material

    Humour - Some User Interface and Some not so UI  Related Humour
    Office Assistant Alternate Word Tool Menu Windows Hidden Settings
    Intel Logo Island Macho
    Nuclear Warning Ctrl Alt Del CPU Cooling
    Windows 95 MyPassword Cement
    Smoking Humour Apple vs IBM
    Installing Software Paper Clip
    Bathroom User Interface
    Computer Science and Dating
    Frustrated Cubical Employee Google Vid
    Sysadmin song  Google Vid
    Electronic Abacus
    Windows Install
    Stupid Laptop

    Lecture Material - These links will become available once the lecture material has been updated. Additional links will be added as required. Use power point or an equivalent reader to view this material.

    Course Project - Note when working in a team environment, be sure that you understand the policy as outline in Marking Teamwork.

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    Seminars will start the 3 rd week of term and go for 8 weeks.

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