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9. Personal Data

After two years of voluntary exile in Switzerland, with immigration status  insufficient for his family's stability and comfort,Vlad requested and obtained the Canadian Landed Immigrant status and settled in Canada in September 1981. Vlad became a Canadian citizen in 1984. He is widowed with one (grown up!) child.

Vlad finds pleasure in learning both formal and natural languages. He is fluent in English, French, not to mention Polish, his mother tongue. The lack of practice has hampered his once fluent skills in German, Russian and Serbo-Croatian. He could recover his fluency in each of these languages, should the need of immersion arise. He finds it interesting and challenging to adapt to various environments.

Sports and Hobbies: Tennis, downhill skiing, anything African :anthropology, history, wildlife; have you been to the Sahara? Have you ridden dugout canoes? Photography (have you seen his pet snakes?), fishing for steelhead (i.e. nomadic strain of rainbow trout) in the Niagara River Gorge. Have you seen Niagara Falls in winter? For his African photo gallery click here.

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