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7. Workshops, Software Created, etc.

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  1. Presentation of multimedia educational software at SMART'95, the 11th Annual General Assembly of the World Teleport Association, at Skyline Brock Hotel, Niagara Falls, Ontario, September 11, 1995.
  2. PRAISE Software, demonstration at the ECOO/AEDS International Conference, Toronto, 1985.
  3. Current Trends in Computing, invited speaker to the Association of Polish Canadian Engineers, Niagara Peninsula Chapter, Niagara Falls, 1984.
  4. An Algorithm for the Minimization of the Pen Movement in Graph Plotters, my design, jointly implemented with M. Varsava in 1984 for VAX/VMS and Roland DXY800 graph plotter.
  5. P-graph/PRISM Raster Graphics Package, Vlad's design, jointly implemented with D.Hersom and G. Varsava in 1984, running under VAX/VMS, marketing rights acquired by Ossmann Computer Technologies of Syracuse, N.Y., U.S.A.
  6. Computerization of Patient Record Management System, consulting to Shaver Hospital for Chest Diseases, St.Catharines, Ontario, 1983.
  7. Simulation of Scrap Iron Melting and Pig Formation Processes, consulting to Atlas Steels, Welland, Ontario, 1981.
  8. Corporate Operations Simulation of the Service Organizations, invited speaker to the Data Processing Management Association, Niagara Peninsula Chapter # 315, St.Catharines, 1981.

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