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"My name is Jon, and I love spinning"

Alternate" "I'm in my happy place"

"I define spin as mankind's attempt to put its best foot forward. Lovers are master spinners. So are job applicants. Doctors spin all the time, often to comfort the patient or family. Lawyers spin when they present their case.

"I'm convinced that the human brain is hardwired to spin, to persuade others to your point of view. Bad spin is mean-spirited, opportunistic, sleazy. Good spin is being smart but also being on the level. Good spin sticks with reality."

M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled & Beyond (Simon & Schuster)

And I believe spinning is energizing...

Good articles from Spinning

Brock's Spin Schedule: look for the Monthly Spin Class Schedule button

To help you decide on Spinning or using a Treadmill!. This discusses what is better for home use. It is important to note that a Spinning Class brings the added dynamics of a group workout which basically eliminates the boredom usually experienced by a lone cyclist or treadmiller! See also Introverts and Spinning on this page

So you want to try spinning? Includes some FAQs. Basic spinning information is obtainable from Wikipedia

Warning: Start gently!. Get your body used to spinning vefore you go all out!

Why Spinning® is Perfect for Winter Sports Added 30 January 2014

Introverts and Spinning Added 30 January 2014

The Official Spinning FAQ, including such things as the 'distance' travelled in a spin class is about 25 to 30km.

Some considerations for female spinners.

Exercise inside or outside? Some comparisons

Spinning with Visual Impairments

How many calories do you burn? Some calculators follow, but take their results with a grain of salt! For me, 60 minutes using the first calculator gave 483 calories burned, and the second calculator using "vigorous" gave 724 calories!! Each calculator link opens in a new window.

  1. Calories Burned during Exercise--scroll down to select 'spinning'. Note that more calories are burned if you really push yourself! There is also a BMI Calculator.
  2. Choose "Bicycling-Stationary" and the activity level (spinning is probably vigorous to very vigorous!)

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