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Printing Changes in Computer Science

As of September 2016 all the Computer Science / Applied Computing lab printing has been migrated to the Brock's central printing system. For lab printing costs please refer to the priting information for the Brock ITS labs which can be found at:

Windows Printing

There is also a PaperCut client installed on the COSC lab computers for the Brock printing system which can be found minimized in the  system tray and will allow you to logon to the system and view your balance.

PaperCut Systray logo

You must be logged on to the client in order to print to the printers which use your Brock printing account. If the client prompts for you for a username and password you must use your username and password from Once the client loads, it will show you your Brock print accounting balance.

PaperCut Client

Linux Printing

Due to some issues and inconveniences with the Linux client for PaperCut the Linux printing works quite differently. When you print your job from one of the lab computers which are booted into Linux you will be prompted for your COSC password in order for the job to comlete. We realize that is is a undesirable inconsistency and it is being looked into, and if a solution is found this documentation will be updated to reflect those changes.

If you have any further questions regarding this transition please email