Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
Super Course (Summer 2019 - D10)

Instructor: Michael Winter, Office J323, email:

Course Overview
Programming Project
Course Outline
Marking: Assignments (5%, 10%, 3 x 15%)    60%
Final Exam    40%
Rule of RoboRace
Programming Part 1
Programming Part 2
Programming Part 3
Programming Part 4
Programming Part 5
  • Mon-Fri, 09:00am - 05:00pm, Aug 26-Aug 30, Summer 2019
  • Room: MCD 205
Lecture Notes
Important Dates
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Final exam: Sat. Aug 31, TH246

Project: Programming parts 1-5 due by the end of each day (05:00pm).

Java Page: Brock Java libraries, links to Java sites
Source code for the "Devoloping Games in Java" book
Day 4
Day 5

Some exams from previous years: Exam 2005, Exam 2006, Exam 2007, Exam 2008, Exam 2009, Exam 2011, Exam 2013, Exam 2014, Exam 2015, Exam 2016. Exam 2017.

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