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Computer Science Account

Computer Science User Account

Due to the way in which the computing resources have evolved across the University, the Computer Science department maintains their own user accounts which are used to access the computers in our instructional labs (MCD205, MCJ301 and MCJ310). This means that if you are registered in an Applied Computing or Computer Science course you will have a user account on these systems which is maintained separately from your Brock portal ( account.

This account will share the same username as your other accounts across campus, but may have a different password (unless you work to ensure that they are the same). So when you are prompted to change your password on the Brock Portal, or in the public labs (your CAMPUS password) your Computer Science password will not be changed, and vice versa.

To reset the password for your Computer Science user account you can click here. The process takes 10-15 minutes for the new password to be active and requires that you are able to log into your Brock email account to finish the process.

If you have any more questions you can likely find the answers on our departmental website or you can ask one of the Teaching Assistants in the labs or at the COSC Help Desk.