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Instructor: Michael Winter, Office J323, Office J323, Office Hours: Mon & Wed, 10:00am-noon, email:

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A thorough introduction to mathematical logic, covering the following topics: propositional and first-order logic; soundness, completeness, and compactness of first-order logic; first-order theories; undecidability and Gödel's incompleteness theorem; and an introduction to other logics such as intuitionistic and modal logics. Furthermore, the course stresses the application of logic to various areas of computer science such as computability, programming languages, program specification and verification.

Course Outline

Date Topics
1 Sep 09/13 Introduction, Propositional Logic
2 Sep 16/20 Propositional Logic, Natural Deduction
3 Sep 23/27 Natural Deduction, Normal forms
4 Sep 30/Oct 04 First Order Logic, (Test 1)
5* Oct 07/18 First Order Logic, Natural Deduction
6 Oct 21/25 Natural Deduction, Intuitionistic Logic
7 Oct 28/Nov 01 Decidability, Gödel's results, (Test 2)
8 Nov 04/08 Modal Logic
9 Nov 11/15 Modal Logic
10 Nov 18/22 Modal Logic, decidability, (Test 3)
11 Nov 25/29 Dynamic Logic
12 Dec 02/06 Program verification, review
* October 10-October 14, 2016 is Reading Week, no classes.


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