Kevin Olenic (MSc):

Topic TBA (in progress)

Farhana Yasmeen (MSc):

Emerging Variants and Fading Immunity: Analyzing the Impact in Epidemic Modeling (in progress)

Tristan Navikevicius (MSc):

Generating Models of Human Gait in Patients with Parkinson's Disease (in progress)

Michael Dube (PhD, Bionformatics at University of Guelph):

Computational Intelligence for Generation and Analysis of Bionformatics Data (in progress)

James Sargant (MSc):

Evolving Weighted Networks to Simulate Epidemics and Lockdowns (completed 2023)

Kevin Olenic (undergrad - 4F90; NSERC USRA):

Omid Beigi (MSc):

Analysis of Parkinson's Disease Gait using Computational Intelligence (completed 2023)

Kylee Schram (undergrad - 4F90):

Classification of Ransomware (completed 2022)

Emilia Rutkowski (MSc):

Weighted Graph Compression using Genetic Algorithms (completed 2021)

Guangyao Chen (MSc):

A Centrality and Genetic Algorithm Based Network Robustness Study for Disease-Gene Association (completed 2021)

Maysara Al Jumaily (MSc):

Optimal Quaternary Hermitian Linear Complementary Dual Codes for Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Error Correction (completed 2021)

Tristan Navikevicius (undergrad - 3P99):

Accuracy in Prediction of Disease Genes in Alzheimer's Disease (completed 2021)

James Sargant (undergrad - 4F90; NSERC USRA):
Rodrigo Vega Jimenez (undergrad - 3P99):

Epidemic Modelling using Weighted Contact Networks (completed 2020)

Michael Dube (MSc):

Epidemic Simulation and Mitigation via Evolutionary Computation (completed 2020)

Sharnendu Banik (Msc):

Effect of the Side Effect Machines in Edit Metric Decoding (completed 2020)

Arvand Fazeli (MSc):

Using Deep Learning for Predicting Stock Trends (completed 2019)

Emilia Rutkowski (undergrad - 4F90):

Integer Prime Factorization using Genetic Algorithms (completed 2019)

Tyler Kennedy Collins (MSc):

Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Disease-Gene Association (completed 2019)

Lindsey Tulloch (undergrad - 3P99 and 4F90): Trevor Vanderee (undergrad - 3P99):

Multiple Worlds Genetic Algorithm in D&D (completed 2019)

Alex Van de Kleut (undergrad - 4F90/91):

Sparse Distributed Memory for Sparse Rewards (completed 2019)

Michael Dube (undergrad - 4F90):

Modeling of Epidemic Networks (completed 2018)

Igor Laskaev (undergrad - 3P99):

Tools, Tutorials and Templates for Database Projects (completed 2018)

Jessica Graham (undergrad - 3P99):

Volunteer Connect Canada App (completed 2018)

Angelo Romualdo (undergrad - 3P99):

Single Objective Genetic Algorithm for Compression of Networks (completed 2018)

Yaroslava Girilishena (MSc):

Complete Sequence Charactization of Structural Variants in the Human Genome (completed 2017)

Yosra Kazemi (MSc):

Prediction of Stages of Alzheimer's Disease using FMRI Data (completed 2017)

Tim Ribaric (MSc):

Elliptic Curve Cryptography using Computational Intelligence (completed 2017)

Veronica Suaste Morales (MSc):

Lossy Compression of Quality Values in Next-Generation Sequencing Data (completed 2017)

Tyler Kennedy Collins (undergrad - 3P99):

Evolving Graph Compression using Similarity Measures (completed 2016)

Taras Mychaskiw (undergrad):

Code Filtering

Ashkan Entezari (MSc):

Gene Prioritization using Genetic Programming (completed 2015)

James Hughes (MSc):

Ordered Gene Problems, including DNA Fragment Assembly (completed 2014)

Lachlan Plant (undergrad - 4F90):

Structural Properties of Optimal Codes (completed 2014)

Christopher Thompson (NSERC USRA):

Parallelizing String Algorithms for Bioinformatics (completed 2013)

Koosha Tahmasebipour (MSc):

Disease-Gene Association Using a Genetic Algorithm (completed 2014)

James Hughes (undergrad - 4F90; NSERC USRA):

Representations for Genetic Algorithms for TSP (completed 2012)

Collin Price (MSc):

Modeling Protein Complexes using Genetic Algorithms (completed 2014)

Mohammad Goodarzi (MSc):

Algorithms for De Novo Assembly of Short DNA Reads (completed 2014)

Farhad Alizadehnoori (MSc):

Motif Discovery (completed 2012)

Martin Derka (MSc):

Self-dual Codes (completed 2012)

John Orth(MSc):

Combinatorial Optimization using the Salmon Algorithm (completed 2012)

Daniel McCarney (co-supervised, undergrad - 4F90):

Evolutionary Approaches for Optimal Codes (completed 2011)

Samal Izekulova (undergrad - 4F90):

Associator Tree Stability (completed 2011)

Zhiyuan Li (MSc):

Deletion-Correcting Codes (completed 2011)

Pascal Comte (MSc):

Optimization Algorithms for Protein Side-Chain Packing (completed 2010)

Joseph Brown (MSc):

Decoding Algorithms using Side-Effect Machines (completed 2009)

Jing Sun (MSc):

Optimal Edit Codes satisfying Biological Constraints (completed 2009)

Robert Flack (undergrad - 4F90; NSERC USRA):

Stephen Baker (undergrad - NSERC USRA):

Investigation of Variable-Length Edit Codes

Justin Kalicharan (undergrad - 4F90):

Improvements to rmath/Leo, including conversion to C++

Wolfgang Haas (undergrad - 3P99; NSERC USRA)

Khaled Ferdous (undergrad):

Generation and Estimation for Combinatorial Searches

Eduardo Zuviria (undergrad - 3P99):

Bioinformatics: Comparision of Sequence Alignment and Gene Recognition Algorithms

Rebecca Black (undergrad - 3P99):

Administrative Database and Website for Scientifically Yours

Michael Letourneau (undergrad - 4F90):

Joanna Wallis (undergrad - 4F90; NSERC USRA):

Evaluation of search techniques applied to the minimum-distance problem of BCH Codes (see Brock Technical Report CS-02-08)

Jeremy Douglas (undergrad - 4F90):

File Validation Program for HRDC

Mufizul Haque (undergrad - 3P99):

Online Combinatorial Designs Database

Edna Hagan (undergrad - 4F90):

Web-based Marks Recording and Viewing System

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