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Introduction to Database Systems

COSC 3P32 - Spring 2019


Course News

  • The official course website is available on Sakai
  • For access to the website from the Winter Term: <click here>

Course Information

In this course we will look at file organization and data access methods which are scalable for large data sets. We will study fundamental database concepts such as: requirement specifications, model designs (focusing on relational models), relational schemas and normalization, the SQL language (used for maintaining and querying our data) and if time permits we will also look at issues like concurrent access and security.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Database Systems
  • The Entity-Relationship (ER) Model
  • Introduction to the Relational Model
  • Schema Refinement and Normal Forms
  • Query Languages: Relational Algebra and SQL
  • Storage and Indexing
  • Transaction Management

Course Materials

Database Management Systems, 3rd edition, Raghu Ramakrishnanan & Johannes Gehrke, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0-07-246563-8