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Changes to COSC Math Requirements - MATH 3F65 and Calculus


MATH 3F65 has been phased out by the Mathematics Department in consultation with Computer Science and is not being offered in 2007/08. For those students whose program requires MATH 3F65 and are not changing to the new 2007/08 programs, the following are the courses that can be used as substitutes for the MATH 3F65 requirement.

The courses you select from this list must be in addition to courses otherwise required in the your program. For example, if you are required to take MATH 4P61, you cannot select it as partial replacement for MATH 3F65.

Similarly, if you are already required to select 1 or 2 half courses from a set including some courses below, you must select additional courses from the list.

MATH 3F65 = 1 full credit from: MATH 2P12, MATH 2P71, 2P72, 2P75, 2P81, 3P12, 3P60, 3P73, 4P61, 4P71, 4P72, COSC 3P03, COSC 4P42

If COSC 3P03 is chosen to fulfill the MATH requirement, it cannot simultaneously count as a COSC elective.

If MATH 4P61 is required in your program, it cannot count as fulfilling a COSC elective credit requirement, even if it is changed to COSC 4P61.

Similarly, if you elect COSC 4P42 to fulfill the MATH 3F65 requirement, it does not also count as a COSC elective credit.

MATH 1P01 / 1P02
Students whose program requires MATH 1P01/1P02 may substitute MATH 1P05/1P06.