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Three Tiers of Help In First Year
In the majority of Computer Science classes, assignments will require you to write a program. The Teaching Assistants (TAs) help you through the entire process of writing a program, from answering your questions in order to strengthen your understanding of what problem your assignment is asking you to solve, to returning your assignment to you after it has been marked. When writing programs, coding errors are a very natural occurrence. DrJava, the software you will use to run the programs you write will inform you of what error your program has. The TAs help you during scheduled lab times by guiding you in debugging errors that you can't figure out yourself. They do not write or fix code for you, instead they convey common practices employed to find errors and explain what error messages mean, so you are better equipped to find errors in the future. After marking the assignments they will also hand back assignments from J333 during designated hours. TAs are very busy as they generally have a huge workload so it's quite rude to ask a TA for help when they are doing their own work outside of their scheduled TA hours. It is best to be organized and take advantage of help when it is available. The mentor has created a help hours schedule that lists all the hours when TAs are available.

The mentor helps you by holding large group reviews that focus on helping you gain a solid understanding and knowledge of how the course material is to be applied when tested.Often in first year it's easy to be unsure of how the material presented in class is to be tested on exams and midterms. The mentor will also hold a small group tutorial when requested by you, will teach you one on one when you lack understanding of a 1P02 or 1P03 course concept, will guide you to debug an error when a TA can't figure out your error and help strengthen your understanding of what your 1P02 or 1P03 assignment is to do. Schedule your time so that you can take advantage of the mentor's office hours and reviews in order to benefit the most from the mentor's help. A problem in code could easily take 2 minutes or 2 hours to fix depending on experience. It is best to schedule your work around the help hours so that you don't waste valuable time when you get an error that you can't solve on your own.

Your professor, besides creating course material and lecturing, also appoints a tutorial leader to conduct a weekly tutorial review, in which you can have questions regarding course concepts answered. As well they will teach you one on one during office hours when you lack understanding of a course concept and help you debug an error when the TA can't figure out your error.