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TheLetter To New Computer Science Students below was sent out to students who had accepted Brock's offer at the time the addresses were printed. The letter introduces the reasons behind the creation of the Online Orientation and is worth reading to develop an understanding why the Orientation has been developed.

If you have already read the letter, please read through the Learning Orientation first followed by the Teaching Orientation. Within both orientations you will find Buttons on the left that link to resources that are useful. Please start your Orientation by clicking on the Learning button on the left of the screen. Once you have completed the Learning Orientation click on the Teaching Orientation button.

Letter To New Computer Science Students

In Computer Science, building a solid foundation of knowledge in first year is vital to academic excellence in years to come. Perhaps more than any other program, knowledge learned in each year is essential for the next year. Without a solid understanding in first year, an understanding in second year becomes exceedingly difficult.

The Computer Science Mentor helps students gain a solid foundation in first year. A past Mentor experienced failing in a first attempt at university and then excelled in a second attempt. He observed that many students when first attempting university make costly mistakes similar to those he made in his first attempt. Two online orientations, the Learning Orientation and the Teaching Orientation, explore mistakes and successes of past students to help you develop an optimal learning path from day one and save you hours of time during the term when you will have no time to spare.

The Computer Science department appears quite complicated at first, with a System Administrator, a Hardware Technician, a Student Help Coordinator, a Course Coordinator/Mentor, an Administrative Assistant, some 20 Teaching Assistants, professors and more new staff on the way. The Teaching Orientation saves you time by showing you when and from whom help is available. This has the direct by-product of helping staff work more effectively for you and ensure the department resources are used more efficiently. The more effectively staff work, the more time they will have to create a better learning environment for you. The Learning Orientation is created to convince you to study early and gives you simple yet crucial advice on how to organize your fall and winter terms in the first week.

The current Computer Science students are dedicated to working with the department to create a consistently more valuable degree. They have made a commitment to help prepare you to do well with the hopes that you will one day do the same for the next group of new students and build a tradition of learning and fellowship. Student volunteers from the Computer Science Club (CSC) will be present at a table on the second floor of the Computer Science Department during the first week of class and will be outdoors at the CSC table during O-week to answer any questions you may have about what to expect and what they have experienced. They also regularly hold social activities and events that help COSC students network and to stay in touch with one another.

Please read through the two online orientations and show up at the O week to learn how to work at an optimum level from day one until your last exam has been aced. Best Wishes!