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Office Hours and Advice

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday: 9:30 - 10:30 am. Other Time: Walk in by chance or guaranteed with an appointment

First at Brock!
The Computer Science Department is the first at Brock to employ a Mentor, to serve the needs of its students, especially students in their first university-level programming course.

Make sure you take advantage of the TA Office Hours and the General Consultant (G.C.) hours. During these hours, there are no labs running, however TAs will be there to provide you with extra help you needed (eg. assignments). These hours are particulary useful when you are working on your assignments and needed some help during evenings and weekends!

Words of wisdom (From one who's done that, been there!)

Assignment Preparation:
As soon as you are given an assignment, read it over and start thinking about it, even if you haven't yet covered the concepts in lecture. It takes time to understand what your program must do and plan how it will do it, and writing the program always takes a lot longer than you think it will!

Check your Brock email frequently:
Your instructors use the course email list to contact you with information about assignments, review sessions, and any changes you need to know about. So make sure you check your email frequently.

Print out all the assignment cover pages:
You will need a predetermined amount and printers often get very busy the day an assignment is due! Buying enough 9" X 12" envelopes for all the assignments is helpful, too. Follow carefully the instructions for submitting your assignments, so that you don't lose marks for improper submission.

Apply for after-hours swipe card access to the labs:

This way you can work in the lab when it is convenient for you. First read the policy for Swipe Card Access to Labs, and complete the form. When it has been approved (usually within a week's time), you will be able to unlock the lab door using your student card, and work on your assignments when the time is convenient for you.

Lab Traffic Jams:

Waiting until the night before the assignment is due to ask for help will have you tied up in the following problems: The labs get full and thus TA time is limited drastically; A TA may not be on duty; Your problem might be too complex to solve with a simple explanation.

Simple Solution:

Begin working on the assignments early. You will be able to most effectively use your TA that way. As well download a schedule of the available Lab/Class/Review/Office Hour times. Keep this schedule close to you. Organize yourself!