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Dr Java Will Not Start

Since the introduction of Windows 7 in our labs, there have been random instances where an account will have issues after logging in which prevent Dr. Java from running on their account. Typically this is also accompanied by the desktop settings reverting to a black background. It seem that in these instances the user registry is slightly corrupted which results in these errors.

Unfortunately the cause of these errors have not been identified by Microsoft and currently the only solution is for the account registry to be reset. So if you encounter this error please email from your Brock email account and it can be reset for you (we will strive to have this fixed within 24 hours). Resetting your account registry will not result in the loss of any of your files but it may revert your desktop and some application settings back to default.

If you encounter this issue during a lab period you can notify the TA on duty and they can log you into a temporary account where you can complete your work and email the files to your Brock email account.

Sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused.