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Participating Faculty

The following faculty may be available for graduate student supervision. Prospective students should contact faculty to inquire about possible supervision. Please see personal web sites for detailed descriptions of research interests.

  • Dr. Robson De Grande (, www): Distributed computing, networks, high-performance computing.
  • Dr. Naser Ezzati-Jivan ( Software engineering, software testing.
  • Dr. Sheridan Houghten (, www): Combinatorics, algorithms, coding theory, bioinformatics. 
  • Dr. Yifeng Li ( Machine learning, bioinformatics.
  • Dr. Beatrice Ombuki-Berman (, www): Evolutionary computation, neural networks, swarm intelligence, optimization. 
  • Dr. Ke Qiu (, www): Parallelism, algorithms.  
  • Dr. Brian Ross (, www): Evolutionary computation, genetic programming, evolutionary design. 
  • Dr. Michael Winter (, www): Logic, programming languages. 

Adjunct faculty:

  • Dr. Joseph Brown (, U of Innopolis): Computational biology, computational intelligence.
  • Dr. James Hughes (, St Francis-Xavier): Computational intelligence.

Professors Emeriti:

  • Dr. Ivo Düntsch (, www): Algebraic logic, non-invasive data analysis, qualitative spatial reasoning. 

Participating external faculty:

  • Dr John Bonnett (Dept of History,, www): Digital humanities.
  • Dr. Frank Fueten(Dept of Earth Sciences,, www): Computer applications in geology, neural networks, computer vision. 
  • Dr. Omar Kihel (Dept of Mathematics,, www): Coding theory, cryptography. 
  • Dr. Ping Liang (Dept of Biology,, www): Bioinformatics.
  • Dr. Thomas Wolf (Dept of Mathematics,, www): Computer algebra, computer go/weiqi/baduk.