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COSC 4P80 - Seminar

COSC 4P80: Artificial Neural Networks - Seminar

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For this course, you will be required to make a presentation to the class, during regular lecture time. It is expected that your presentation will last for approximately 14–16 minutes of presenting, and you should be prepared for about 5 minutes of questions.
Please remember that seminars are mandatory in order to earn Participation marks, and that missing more than one seminar will result in failing the course.

Dates and Topics:

Monday March 18th:

  1. Convolutional Neural Networks an intro there's a lot — Joel Sauvé
  2. DCGANs — Domenic and Trevor
  3. Neural networks for machine vision for machine defects — Liam McKissock
  4. VACnet — Aiden
  5. Boltzmann Machines – Rajko Colakovic
  6. LSTM – Slater Johnson
  7. — Tareq Al-Masri

Monday March 25th:

  1. Tensorflow — Roy and Shun
  2. Neural nets in manufacturing — Mr. Roorda
  3. Physical thingymabobs — Goran Botic
  4. Markov Chains — Patrick Bright
  5. Facial expression recognition — Matthew G
  6. Neural network on um music sheets — Steve Thai
  7. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) – Ian LeMasters

Monday April 1st:

  1. Physical implementations — Levi Goertz
  2. Speech recognition — Andrew Vu
  3. Vector quantization — Curtis Penney
  4. SAGAN – Will Rempel
  5. NN applications in Bioinformatics – ThaiBinh Nguyen

Last year's topics:

  • Neuro-evolution in games
  • Learning Vector Quantization
  • Biomedical Applications of ANNs
  • Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Physical Implementations of ANNs
  • ANNs and machine vision
  • Neural cryptography
  • ANNs for music composition
  • Commercial uses for ANNs
  • Neural gas
  • Boltzmann machines
  • Survey of Alternate Weight Optimization Methods
  • ANN training with GAs
  • ANN for Speech Recognition
  • Deep Neural Networks on GPUs

Suggested Topics:

Boltzmann Machines
ANN for Speech Recognition
ANN for Machine Vision
Physical implementations of ANNs
Commercial and industrial uses for ANNs
Other Alternative Training Techniques
More coming soon!