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APCO 1P00: Introduction to Media Computation


This course is currently offered through Sakai. This is the current or recent outline from Sakai.

As one of the introductory courses for Applied Computing (APCO) and Interactive Arts and Science (IASC), you will develop a foundation of problem solving and programming, primarily through the use of media. Programming concepts such as "loops", "arrays", and "conditionals" will be learned through the manipulation of pictures and sounds, and web page coding. The programming language is Python. With the skills you learn you will be able to write short programs, which can, for example, turn digital photographs in to black and white, create negatives, and remove red eye. You will be able to modify sound clips, and extract information from the internet with other programs you write. There will also be some basic web page creation, using HTML in the latter part of the course. With so much focus on the internet in today’s business world, the ability to understand web page program code is very valuable. Further, you will develop valuable problem solving skills that are applicable to any field. This course consists of three hours of lectures and a one hour tutorial per week, and a weekly two-hour lab. The labs will consist of some instruction, as well as some short exercises to enhance your learning through practice.