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Configure PuTTY

Configure PuTTY

PuTTY is a graphical SSH client which allows you to make shell connections to network servers such as Sandcastle. For connecting the Sandcastle you must enter the hostname which is you can enter a Session name and click "Save" it will remember the hostname next time you open the program.

If it is the first time connecting to Sandcastle you will be asked to verify the host key (as seen below), be sure to verify the fingerprint and if it is different do not continue.

When you click on the open button you should be prompted for a login and may be prompted for your password (this will not happen if you are using the computers in our labs) which is the same as your username and password you use in the Computer Science labs. You will note that when entering the password you will not recieve any feedback (not even *'s).

The home page for PuTTY is