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Microsoft Imagine Premium

What is Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formally Microsoft Imagine Premium)?

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teachine is a subscription based program, paid for by the Computer Science department, which offers access to an extensive library of software for development purposes. It entitles the department to offer Microsoft development products to their students at a reduced rate, often times for free. In order for a student to be eligible for this program you must be enrolled in at least one full credit of Computer Science courses in the current school year (Note: the program for each year is set up in early October and runs until June 30th, at which time all accounts are deactivated until the next school year). The software is provided for the purpose of software development for learning or research. It cannot be used for commercial purposes and it is not free software for all your computing needs at home and for your friends. The licenses are non-transferrable, so if you install the software on your computer it is only a legal copy while you own that computer. Please understand that due to the fact this program saves the department a considerable amount of money in lab software costs, administration of the distribution of this software is strict

For more information on the program from Microsoft's perspective please see their website (

How do I access the Premium content?

Microsoft Imagine Premium is hosted separately from the Microsoft Imagine Sstandard site so the accounts (even if they share the same email address) are separate and apart from each other. Also, there is a separate Microsoft Imagine Premium site for each department which is involved so if you had access to it from other institutions or departments your old accounts will not work in accessing this site. Our Microsoft Imagine Premium site is available at:

First time users will need to register with their email address on the site.

Revised: Sept 2014