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Course Summary for Applied Computing (APCO)

APCO 1P00: Introduction to Media Computation
This course is the foundational course for the Minor, but is also an excellent choice on its own. In a very different way than 'normal' computer science courses, students teach themselves how to program using examples from different media. For instance, one of the first assignments is to manipulate a digital photo to remove 'red eye'. Obviously, a photo taken by a student would increase the interest factor. Automatic construction of simple web pages, and analysis of other web sites will be of especial interest.

APCO 1P01: Fluency With Technology
Skills, concepts and capabilities of computers, networks and the Internet. Topics include representation of information, current hardware, software and network technologies, modelling with Excel, presentations with PowerPoint, Internet searching and basic web page development with HTML.

APCO 1P30: Programming for Interactive Media
Introduction to ActionScript and object-oriented programming syntax and uses for classes, functions, properties and events in interactive Flash applications for the web.

APCO 1P50/COSC 1P50: Integrity and Literacy in the Information Age
Crosslisted with COSC 1P50, this course has already proved to be popular amongst non-computer science students, especially regarding the analysis of reports and plagiarism avoidance. Regular seminars prompt spirited discussions about topics such as privacy, identity theft, file sharing (MP3) and professionalism at work.

APCO 1P93: Applied Programming
An existing service course (COSC 1P93) has been renamed to more effectively reflect its objective and content. Students who want to learn more about programming (particularly for data science) will discover the joys of Python.

APCO 2P11: Personal Computers and Networks
Another course specifically designed for APCO, it discusses the inner workings of modern desktop PCs from a user's point of view. Students use PCs in the lab to install Windows (from scratch!), understand the internal components of the computer, and to get a handle on networking. All without getting too technical!

APCO 2P60: Web 2.0 Content, Construction, Collaboration
Context and topics in web-based interactive environments, communities and social networks designed for sharing content, user interaction and collective intelligence. Blogs, videoblogs and vodcasts; peer 2 peer and consumer 2 consumer; RSS, agents and recommender systems; social networks; online communities and virtual environments; tagging and bookmarking; wikis; mashups; collaborative and open source software and working environments.

APCO 2P61: Website Creation
Creative approaches to basic technical and design foundations of website design and development. Processing and management of images and other media assets, structuring websites, development tools and applications, web hosting and dissemination strategies. Contemporary web-based art practics within the broader history of cultural production.

APCO 2P89/COSC 2P89: Internet Technologies
Interested in designing an interactive web site, drawing together your knowledge of programming and databases from prior APCO offerings? Then this is the course for you.

APCO 2P99: Project in Appied Computing
Now you can combine your knowledge from your major and your new-found computer skills, to create a unique project. Or you can read further into an area of interest to you and a faculty member.

APCO 3P94/COSC 3P94: Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
Why are some packages easy to use, and others so difficult or different? Here you'll learn about the all important human factors in the design and support of computing systems.