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Why Apple doesn’t need to release a new Apple Watch this fall

Mac World - Wed, 2019-08-21 06:00

The tech industry’s reach often exceeds its grasp. The dreams of the people who design and build tech products couldn’t be more ambitious, but executing on those dreams can take time, and sometimes even the invention of whole new industries. That’s why young tech product categories sell the promise, even though the reality falls far short.

These products usually reach their ideal form eventually. With the Apple Watch, it feels very much that we’ve reached that point in the past couple of years. If the cellular capabilities in the Apple Watch Series 3 weren’t final piece of the puzzle, the upgraded display in the Apple Watch Series 4 was.

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Apple Card vs Citi, Chase, and Capital One: Is Apple's new credit card as good as it seems?

PC World - Wed, 2019-08-21 03:00
Apple announced a brand new credit card at its 'Show time' event with low interest rates, no fees, and daily rewards. But is it worth adding to your wallet?

Apple Card vs Citi, Chase, and Capital One: Is Apple's new credit card as good as it seems?

Mac World - Wed, 2019-08-21 03:00

Apple might not be turning into a bank, but it wants to handle your money. At its March announcement of Apple Card, we heard a lot about financial health, low interest rates, cash-back percentages, and zero fees. Details were fairly light then, as Apple emphasized the card's simplicity, security, and ease of use while taking broad digs at the competition.

Now that the card has launched, we finally have all the hard numbers, too. Those final details let us stage a proper showdown between Apple and its most popular cash-back rivals, because formidable opponents do exist—as our dive into into the nitty-gritty details of cash-back percentages, interest rates, and fees shows.

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Microsoft Edge in Chromium goes beta, and Microsoft says it's ready for everyday use

PC World - Tue, 2019-08-20 18:40

Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser has reached beta status, meaning that Microsoft feels like the new version of Edge is available for everyday use for Windows and MacOS.

The new Edge beta channel allows users to download major new builds every six weeks, joining the weekly developers-only channel as well as the nightly "canary" builds. Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser shares the same core rendering engine as Google Chrome, though Microsoft has implemented some features differently. 

Microsoft is preparing to phase out the EdgeHTML-based version of Edge in favor of the new Chromium version, which is designed to allow users access to Chrome extensions and plug-ins, and attract more users to the browser. The beta channel will be the last official channel before launch, which will happen at some future, undisclosed time. It's also the most stable channel, while more features (and more bugs!) are available in the Canary and Developer channels.

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Nvidia's massive Gamescom Game Ready driver improves performance, latency and sharpness

PC World - Tue, 2019-08-20 16:20

Nvidia wants everyone to know that those nifty graphics features AMD and Intel have been touting are cute, but watch this. On Tuesday at Gamescom, Nvidia dropped the Gamescom Game Ready driver, a massive update that:

  • Increases frame rates by as much as 23 percent in some games
  • Decreases the mouse click-to-reaction latency in games
  • Adds integer scaling
  • Lets you personalize image sharpening

The bread and butter of the driver are performance improvements for Apex Legends, Battlefield V, Forza Horizon, Strange Brigade and World War Z. Performance improvements vary by game, resolution and GPU, but the the buffs seem fairly decent, with most of the improvements in the double-digit range.

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How to opt out of forced arbitration on the Apple Card

Mac World - Tue, 2019-08-20 15:34

Should you apply for an Apple Card, one would hope that nothing will happen that leads you to want to sue Apple or Goldman Sachs. Should that happen, however, the customer agreement mandates something called forced arbitration.

What’s that? The customer agreement states that you “knowingly and voluntarily waive the right to be heard in court or have a jury trial on all Claims subject to this Agreement.” Essentially, when you get an Apple Card you agree to have any agreements settled by arbitration rather than the courts. Any disputes you have will be brought before an independent third-party panel (these are usually chosen by the companies to which you agreed to arbitration, in this case Apple and Goldman Sachs). 

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Steel Blade Classic ready to shine at Meridian Centre

Brock News - Tue, 2019-08-20 15:13

MEDIA RELEASE: 20 August 2019 – R00132

The Brock Badgers are once again set to hit the ice for the legendary Steel Blade Classic in downtown St. Catharines Friday, Sept. 13.

The 21st annual event returns to the Meridian Centre as the Badgers men’s hockey team takes on the Guelph Gryphons in a 7 p.m. start.

One of the most celebrated and anticipated events of the year for Brock University students, the Steel Blade Classic, which typically sells out annually, brought together more than 5,000 fans for an exceptional experience last year.

“The Steel Blade hockey game is an electric event and should not be missed,” said Associate Director of Brock Sports Emily Allan. “Our fans continue to show why they are the most dedicated fans in the province, arriving to the arena decked out in amazing Brock spirit. For our student-athletes, playing in front of a home crowd like this is an experience they’ll never forget. We owe it to our coaches, athletes, staff and fans for helping to create such an amazing show.”

The Brock men’s hockey team is shaping up to be a force in the OUA this season. The team has a robust 2019-20 recruiting class of former major junior hockey players bringing their elite talent to the Badgers. Brock’s lineup features unprecedented depth, as leading scorers Ryan Burton and Ayden MacDonald return, alongside a productive sophomore core of Tyler Rollo and all-star defenceman Connor Walters.

“The atmosphere with the students is incredible,” said head coach Marty Williamson. “It’s loudest I’ve ever heard the Meridian Centre. It feels like a playoff game with that kind of crowd, which is great for the players and also good for the coaches to evaluate their players.”

Non-student tickets for the Steel Blade Classic go on sale Monday, Aug. 26 at 10 a.m. on New this year, these tickets allow the community and alumni to watch the game from the upper Club Level of the Meridian Centre. Prices are $30 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under.

Pre-sale tickets for students are now on sale as part of the $45 Experience Package, a bundle created in partnership with the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts and other on-campus partners. General admission student tickets without the Experience Package will go on sale Sept. 3 for $25. For each ticket sold, $1 will be donated to the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) Food First program.

For more information or for assistance arranging interviews: 

* Dan Dakin, Manager Communications and Media Relations, Brock University, 905-688-5550 x5353 or 905-347-1970

– 30 –

Apple Card is now available—with even better rewards than we thought

Mac World - Tue, 2019-08-20 09:37

After a slow rollout over the past few couple of weeks, Apple Card is now available for any U.S. iPhone user who wants to apply. You can find the application inside the Wallet app, where you'll be able to begin the approval process.

While technically an Apple product, Apple Card is a MasterCard backed by Goldman Sachs. Apple has given it a hefty dose of smarts and iOS integration, however, with an emphasis on privacy and security features, and cash-back rewards delivered daily into your Apple Pay Cash balance. As a launch-day surprise, Apple has announced that Uber and Uber Eats can take advantage of the 3 percent rewards tier that was originally reserved solely for Apple purchases.

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Dell's OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is a mini-PC that fits into a monitor stand

PC World - Tue, 2019-08-20 09:00

The Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra answers a prayer. This long, slender mini-PC slides into the back of a monitor stand, creating the first all-in-one that’s modular and upgradable.

Officially, it’s designed for corporate desk jockeys needing to de-clutter their open-office workspaces. Anyone who’s had to junk an entire all-in-one PC because one component has died, however, understands why we’re so excited about this design.  


The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra measures a slender 10.09 x 3.78 x 0.78 inches, and weighs 1.43 pounds. 

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YubiKey 5Ci review: WebAuthn encrypted Lightning key for iPhone and iPad for secure authentication

Mac World - Tue, 2019-08-20 08:00

Yubico's new YubiKey 5Ci is the company's first hardware authentication device with a Lightning adapter for the iPhone. YubiKey provides security that reduces the potential of password-based account hijacking.

Just like a second-factor token sent via text message or generated by an authentication app like Google Authenticator or Authy, YubiKey provides an additional element after a login with a username and password. Because phone numbers can be and have been hijacked and re-routed to other phones, it’s even more reliable than assuming a text-based code will always wind up at the same physical device.

YubiKey currently works with some apps and via the Brave browser in iOS. YubiKey supports the relatively new WebAuthn protocol approved by the World Web Web Consortium (W3C) to allow strong, encrypted second-factor authentication directly within a browser, without requiring proprietary extensions or company-specific hardware or software.

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Five questions to ask yourself before you apply for an Apple Card

Mac World - Tue, 2019-08-20 07:00

Any day now, the Apple Card will be available to tens of millions of U.S. consumers. And it’s definitely getting plenty of hype.

With that slick white titanium card, the purchase tracking, the security features… it’s easy to understand why you might want it.

But it’s ultimately still a MasterCard credit card backed by a big multinational bank, and before you apply for it, you should really ask yourself these five questions.

Can you always pay it off?

Do you intend to fully pay off your Apple Card every month, or will you run a balance?

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8BitDo SN30 Pro+ review: Vintage style meets modern hardware & software

PC World - Tue, 2019-08-20 06:30

The SN30 Pro+ is the first full-size gaming controller from 8BitDo, building upon an already solid track record of smaller-sized offerings. With the SN30 Pro+, 8BitDo maintains the classic Nintendo design cues and modern features present in other models, but offers robust software on the PC that enables deep customization options.

At first glance it looks like a SN30 Pro with handles, but its larger size makes it more comfortable for longer gaming sessions. And while the SN30 Pro+ is the best pro controller option for the Nintendo Switch, it has some stiffer competition on the PC—which is where I’ll be focusing this review. 

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Netvue Belle video doorbell review: Certainly not the belle of the doorbell ball

PC World - Tue, 2019-08-20 06:00
Netvue makes a big AI promise for its Belle video doorbell, but that feature falls flat.

Netvue Belle video doorbell review: Certainly not the belle of the doorbell ball

Mac World - Tue, 2019-08-20 06:00
Netvue makes a big AI promise for its Belle video doorbell, but that feature falls flat.

Security check: MacBook Pro battery chaos

Mac World - Tue, 2019-08-20 06:00

The Macalope hopes you don’t have any travel plans for the rest of the year because you’re going to need to get to the airport eight days early because of the MacBook Pro.

“Huh?” you say, thinking The Macalope can hear you (he can’t). Let’s take a look.

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and Chicken Little School of Aviation Security, Ewan Spence tells us “Apple's Dangerous MacBook Pro Banned From Flying, Get Ready For Airport Chaos.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Alex.)

The MacBook Pro is dangerous. You will face airport chaos.

These fortune cookies are getting weirdly specific.

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