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Policy for Exam Inspection

Policy for Exam Inspection

1. An instructor may choose to opt out of the following procedure (2-11) for a course. If so, the instructor will personally supervise the inspection of all exams in the course following procedures consistent with University policy.

2. A student may book an appointment to inspect his/her examination with the Administrative Assistant. The booking must occur no later than 2 weeks after marks are mailed to the students by the Registrar's Office.

3. The student is granted a maximum of 30 minutes to inspect his/her examination. The student will be provided a copy of the examination script, the marking scheme, sample solutions or both and an examination review form.

4. If the student determines that an error occurred during marking, such as a question, or part thereof being missed or an error in totaling the paper, he/she indicates this on the examination review form.

5. If the student wishes, the student may request that the examination be remarked by indicating so on the examination review form.

6. If the student has not detected an error and does not wish a remark, he/she indicates so on the examination review form.

7. The student will sign the examination review form and the Administrative Assistant will date it.

8. If the student has detected a marking error, the instructor will verify the correctness and, if necessary correct the result within two weeks of the inspection of the exam. In any case, the instructor will record his/her decision and sign and date the form.

9. If the student has requested a review, the instructor will carry out the review within one month of the last appointment for an exam inspection in the course. If the exam mark changes and that change affects the final grade, the instructor will record his/her decision and sign and date the form.

10. A student may only inspect his/her paper once. If the student is still not satisfied with the result, the standard University Appeals process may be used.