COSC 4P79 Seminar Topics

Seminars will be about 15 minutes long, including 2 minutes for questions. Date and topic assignment is first-come-first-serve!

Scheduled seminars

Thursday March 29

  1. JESS (Kelly Moylan)
  2. hprcARCHITECT (Luke Sulek)
  3. A fuzzy expert system as a stock trading advisor (Jeff Aubertin)
  4. Intelligent Tutoring Systems (Mitch Visser)
  5. CABINS: a framework of knowledge acquisition and iterative revision for schedule improvement and reactive repair (Justin Chan)
  6. ACAS-PRO: Evaluating credit card applications with expert systems (Michael Clapp)
  7. Agricultural Expert Systems (Blair Holden)
  8. Rule based expert system for selecting software development methodology (Iman Goodarzi)

Thursday April 5 27

  1. An expert system for analyzing firewall rules (Samantha Yiu)
  2. The CYC Project (Jenny Belanger)
  3. Genetically Produced Fuzzy Logic Expert Systems (Ron Bond)
  4. Uncertain reasoning in forward-chaining systems (Chris Stinson)
  5. Livingstone 2 Model-based Diagnosis & Recovery Engine (Mike Young)
  6. Music composition and expert systems (Nikita Radaev)
  7. Expert Systems and Games (Dennis Ideler)
  8. Detecting automobile insurance fraud using social network analysis (Kevin Delisle)

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