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  Artificial Intelligence
(COSC 3P71)

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Fall 2022
Department of Computer Science
Brock University

Instructor : Beatrice Ombuki-Berman (

Course Coordinator/FAQ : Alanna McNulty (
Tutorial Leader : Nicholas Aksamit (
Lead Marker : Liam McDevitt (lm15ue)
Teaching Assistantsr : Nicholas Aksamit, Liam McDevitt, Alanna McNulty & Tom Wallace (
Class Schedule Lectures: 10:00 - 11:30 am (Mondays & Wednesdays at STH204)
Tutorial Session 1: 11:00 am - Noon (Thursdays in TH246)
Tutorial Session 2 : 9:00 am - 10:00 am (Mondays in TH 247)

Course Outline | Syllabus & Reading | Term Project | Interesting AI News/Articles |

Course Description

This is an introductory course to artificial intelligence: fundamental principles, philosophy, and applications.


COSC 2P03 (60% Minimum) or permission of the instructor.


Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. 3rd/4th Edition , S. Russell & P. Norvig, Prentice Hall, 2010 (4th Edition, 2020 available)

Supplementary Reading: Assigned reading will be available at the library's reserve reading desk.


Assignments 45%
Term Project2 20%
In-Class Test 10%
Final Exam 25%

Note: A grade of 40% must be obtained on the final to pass the course (NOT applicable this year!).

Assignments & Project (with tentative dates)

There will be three sets of assignments for the course all: all involving programming and written components. All programming will involve assignments will involve writing code for implementing various algorithms discussed in class. No late submissions will be accepted (with exception of illness with doctor's note). Questions regarding assignment grading must be presented to the TA or
instructor within one week after assignments have been returned.

Number Available Due Late

Sept. 29th Oct. 17th @ 11:59 pm No lates

Oct. 7th Nov. 9th @ 11:59 pm No lates

Nov. 10th Nov. 30 @ 11:59 pm No lates

Oct. 7th (PROJECT) Dec. 16th, 2022 @ NOON No lates

Further reading Under construction...
AI in the News Under construction

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    • All of the work submitted in COSC 3P71 is expected to be your own. The policy on cheating and plagiarism is particularly brought to your attention. Cases of suspected plagiarism will be dealt with according to the University regulations and Departmental procedures.

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    Questions/comments? E-mail B.Ombuki-Berman