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Computer Science School Outreach


Brock Computer Science Outreach To Schools

If you would like to arrange any of the following activities for your class or if you need any further information, then please phone Donna Phelps at (905) 688-5550 x 3513 or send her an email at


TitleTypeDescriptionGrade LevelDurationMaximun Number of StudentsSoftware requirementsNumber of Times Still Available
Build your own Space InvadersWorkshop in your computer lab or Workshop at BrockHands-on development of a 2D game using GameEditor
6-121-3 hoursLimited by number of PC’s in the computer lab of your school;
30-35 at Brock
GameEditor installedunlimited
Spy SchoolWorkshop in your computer lab or Workshop at BrockA fun introduction to cryptography
9-121-1.5 hoursLimited by number of PC’s in the computer lab of your school;
30-35 at Brock
Several cryptography tools; contact for detailsunlimited
Computer Music ProductionWorkshop at BrockHands-on workshop on sound and music tools
8-121 hours10 students-unlimited
Hard to SolveWorkshop in class, in your computer lab or Workshop at BrockWorkshop on algorithms and complexity
8-121 hoursUnlimited or
Limited by number of PC’s in the computer lab of your school;
30-35 at Brock
None or
Programming language of your choice


Build your own Space Invaders

This workshop will guide you through the development of a Space Invaders clone using the 2D game development system GameEditor. You will learn the basic logical skills in order to create a game. Depending on the level of the workshop you will also obtain basic programming skills in C. After this fun class you will be able to play your game on your PC, your Mac, or even on your iPhone.

Spy School

In this workshop you will learn the basics of being a spy: codes and ciphers. Every good spy needs to know how to keep data hidden from others. You will learn the skill of making and breaking classical codes. Further, you will get to see codes which require super computers to run for thousands of years to break. We will even show you an UNBREAKABLE CODE! In the end you will be able to pass hidden notes to your friends and keep them hidden from your enemies.

Computer Music Production

This workshop introduces you to the hi-tech world of computer music composition and production! First, you will see the steps taken to record a sound from a microphone, edited the sound in software, and save it as an audio file. Then using Ableton Live, you will compose your own techno composition, using different audio and MIDI tools in the system. One of the effect processors you will use is an example of software designed and programmed by a Brock computer science student, which will use cutting-edge concepts from artificial intelligence. After your final composition is ready, you will convert it to an MP3 file, which you are then free to take with you, and post on Facebook or MySpace.

Hard to Solve

In this workshop you will learn to think in terms of algorithms. You will learn that seemingly easy problems may actually be pretty hard to solve; even for a computer.