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4. Administrative Duties

Vlad is involved in a number of committees at various levels. (Departmental, Faculty, etc.) He is the coordinator (from the Computer Science side) of the CAST Programme, which is run jointly with the Department of Physics.

A 2003 coup: Vlad was helpful (together with Prof. T. Wolf of Mathematics) in Brock University joining the SHARCnet Consortium.SHARCnet is a group of Ontario Universities and Colleges which have agreed to share their supercomputing facilities and so build critical infrastructure in HPC. Currently the members are: Windsor, UWO, WLU, Waterloo, York, Guelph, OUIT, McMaster, Brock, and two colleges.A bit of technostalgia: Vlad was the first at Brock to administer a network of engineering workstations. These were the SUN supermicros; eight machines in total, five of them diskless. The network was connected through DECnet to the University VAX 11/780, and through the Kinetics FastPath boxes running TCP/IP Telnet to about 30 Macintoshes located in the faculty offices and in student labs. This over and above the standard connection to the University dataswitch. Formerly, when the Department was in control of the VAX 11/780 computer, such duties (without the networking) had a full-time job status. In 1991 Vlad surrendered these responsibilities to a newly hired network administrator (then Mr. J. Wyatt); the topology of the network remains essentially the same, although the SUN machines were replaced by a more modern SGI equipment.After the arrival of the equipment Vlad was responsible for its installation. Through his involvement in the PRAISE company (see following section) Vlad is deeply familiar with the MacOS and UNIX operating systems (both AT&T and Berkeley flavours).

From 1982 to 1984, Vlad worked as Chairman of the Department on budget and equipment matters. In 1984 Vlad was also the Chairman of the University-wide Academic Computer Users' Society. Vlad have been chair or member of several other computer related committees. In the 1990/91 session Vlad chaired the Departmental Strategic Planning Computing Committee, while being responsible for the budget and maintenance of the Departmental VAX 11/780 system.

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