Research Interests

My research and academic interests are mainly summarized in the development of solutions and approaches for large-scale distributed systems aiming at high performance computing. My research work has been motivated by the understanding that applications and systems are moving towards a scenario in which they starve for resources, mostly from large-scale distributed environments. The research in this area faces several challenges, which are involved with the complexity and scale of the problems, unpredictability of the resources, and volatility of the load. As a result, solutions are devised based on particular aspects and patterns. This solutions stretch over scheduling, load balancing, security, privacy, interoperability, communication latency, and fault-tolerance.

Research Topics

  • Distributed Systems
    • Large-Scale Distributed Systems
    • High Performance Computing
    • Cloud Computing
    • Distributed Simulation Systems
    • Data Distribution Management
    • Performance Modeling and Simulation
  • Networking
    • Computer Networks
    • Routing Protocols
    • Vehicular Area Networks

Prospective Students

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