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Infographic on Social Media Oversharing by Digital Guardian

Computer Science Department

Jon Radue


In Praise of Copying by Boon

Instructions to Set up Deferred Mail Delivery for Outlook 2007. This allows you to retrieve a 'sent' email for a period after pressing the send key! I use it all the time to add the forgotten attachments, or to delete it, or to add another recipient, or to change the wording, or to ...

4 per cent
54 per cent
36 per cent

Plagiarism Guidelines

Replace this with nonsense strings, and shorter, in order to submit an HTML document to Turnitin with no matching (

How to Learn at University

This insightful document was authored by an eminent biology professor at UMass, Dartmouth.
Some learning resources

Tactics and Strategy for Tests and Examinations

An interesting concept in how to approach the writing of tests and examinations has been proposed by Prof. Jenkyns of the Department of Mathematics. It is recommended reading!

Are you an 'A' student? Read the expectation rubric of outstanding and average students.

Java's popularity. And of course, we teach Java at Brock

Current Skills Needed for Jobs (16 July 2001)

Employment requiremnts, May 2005 (From ITWorld Canada)

The king, the engineer, the computer scientist and the toaster

Canadian Financial Calculators -- Car Buy/Lease decision, Mortgage Payment/Acceleration, and much more

Courses Taught

Education in Canada: F2F and Distance

My COSC 4F90 Student Projects

Other Starting Points

Disability Links

Worth visiting, especially the Humor Links

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