Inverse Illumination Design Using Genetic Programming

by Kelly Moylan
Supervisor: Brian Ross

Interior illumination is a complex problem involving numerous interacting factors. This research applies genetic programming towards problems in inverse illumination design. The Radiance system is used for performing accurate illumination simulations. Radiance accounts for a number of important environmental factors, which is exploited during fitness evaluation. Illumination requirements include local illumination intensity from natural and artificial sources, colour, and uniformity. Evolved solutions incorporate design elements such as artificial lights, room materials, windows, and glass properties. A number of case studies are examined, including a many-objective problem involving up to 8 illumination requirements, the design of a decorative wall of lights, and the creation of a stained-glass window for a large public space. Results show the technical and creative possibilities of applying genetic programming to illumination design.



Images copyright (c) 2015 Kelly Moylan.

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