Cosc 4F00
Software Development

D.Bockus J324

Lecture time: Wednesday 11:00 to 12:30 STH216  and Friday 12:30 to 14:00 STH216.

Course Description:

Software development in a team environment. Topics include but are not limited to team organization, software project management, software life-cycle, software development and management tools, and design. Team project including application of organizational paradigm, management model, life-cycle model, tools, design notation, implementation, testing and debugging of a major software system.

Course is organized into 2 parts

  Text Book.

Marking Scheme:   
Assignments: (3) 
Term Test: 
Progress Exam:

18% (3@6%) 
10% (TBA during lecture time)
50% (see note 8)

Note 1: Due date and time for assignment submission will be printed on the assignment text. Assignments will be accepted late up to 3 day after the original due date subject to a 25% penalty. Assignments after the late date will not be accepted.

Note 2: In order to pass this course a mark of at least 40% must be obtained on the progress exam & a passing mark on the project.

Note 3: The department views plagiarism as a serious issue. Students are directed to the Department's Web server where they can view the department's policies on plagiarism. Students who are convicted of plagiarism, may receive penalties ranging from -100% for the piece of work to a failure in the course.

Note 4: All assignments during the fall term will be the result of individual or group effort as defined by the assignment.

Note 5: Assignments will be submitted physically in the assignment drop box.

Note 6: Assignment material will be distributed through the Web. Please see my home page .

Note 7: A departmental medical form will need to be submitted as per instructions before any consideration will be given due to sickness.

Note 8: Group project will be broken into phases where each phase is will be evaluated, a peer group evaluation may also be included. Details of the breakdown will be made available during the winter term.

Note 9: Random students may be chosen to explain their assignment material to the instructor.