Cosc 4F00 Course Project
Stage 4

(On or Before May 12 th 2020, @4:00 p.m.)


You will be presenting in Discord. These presentations will take place between April 27 and May 12 th. You may schedule your appointment here. It will be your responsibility to choose an appropriate time slot where all group members will be present.

The presentation should be about 30 minutes in length. You will be required to at the presentation: to present a power point presentation summarizing your development to present finished product of your new System. At the end of your presentation you will required to turn in the project by submitting your GitHub link. Your GitHub should be complete with appropriate documentation, which includes your updated SRS.

Documentation which needs to be created and submitted as part of the final Document.

Marking Scheme:

The Marking Scheme will be based on presentation, preparedness and finished product. Questions may be asked at the presentation, be sure you are prepared. A final mark will be assigned following a complete review of the submitted material.

The presentation will take place in Discord.

Things to Consider for the Presentation:

The Submission:

  1. All submitted through GitHub.