Cosc 4F00 Course Project
Stage 1

(Due date for assignment is Friday, February 7 th noon, No Lates Accepted )

Problem Description:

See the following for the project statement.

Goals of the Assignment:

This part of the assignment will deal with the development of a software requirements document. This document will describe the system which is stated in the project statement document.

The Assignment:

As part of this assignment you are to create a complete requirements document. The document should include but is not limited to the template which is provided. In addition to the sections within this document, you are asked to to add:
  1. Use cases
  2. UML diagrams which describe the system
  3. UI design documentation.
  4. Host Software requirements and confirmation that these requirements are viable.
  5. Any and all design requirements which will/can be used as part of the implementation of the project.

GitHub account. It is expected and required that group and project management be facilitated through this site.

Implementation phase

Due in part to the size of the project, it is highly advisable to start implementation, possibly in parallel with the final week of the SRS phase.

The report:

The report you generate should be laid out as per the template, but not limited to:

Marks will be awarded for completeness and thoroughness of your analysis as well as submission format, spelling, grammar etc. There will be a portion of marks awarded to groups which show due diligence. This is a subjective mark based on overall quality of the project. Minimal effort regardless of weather assignment objectives have been met or not will be identified from quality projects. You can expect at least 20% of the mark will be purely subjective.