Seminar #5
Title: Design Exercise 1
Week of Feb. 25 2019


Good design is not an accident, it involves takings a serious look at the problem, understanding it and coming up with solutions. An individual may stumble upon the solution or a solution, but often it is the team approach which produces the near optimal solution.


John Cato's Chapter 7 describes methods and methodologies used for team building and brainstorming. He makes some profound statements which emphasis the need of a team approach to design. Techniques are used to allow all to express their views within the design process. In the end we hope that the whole is greater then what individual's could accomplish by themselves. In addition, the Dilbert video demonstrated  what a group effort can accomplish


You will be given a design problem in seminar. The facilitator (your seminar leader) will ask you to use your previous  weeks experience to analyse and redesign the artifact. A modified method of brainstorming will be used in order for successful completion of the seminar in a timely manner.

Optional Readings


The seminar will be a directed exercise on the development and implementation of Brain Storming Techniques. Students will be asked to work in groups during the seminar.


Participation in the exercise