Cosc 3P94 
Introduction to User Interfaces
Course Outline
Jan. - Apr. 2019

Office Hours
Time & Place
Dave Bockus 
J324 M-F 
9:30 - 4:30
W&F 15:30-17:00 TH244

An introduction to the study and design of human/computer interfaces. The course will begin with an introduction to human factors - the design and support of systems for human use. The remainder of the course will examine in detail the rules and principles that govern the creation of good human/computer interfaces. Topics will include but are not limited to user modelling, task analysis, goal oriented design,  command languages, grammars, menu and window systems, user documentation, and on-line help systems. Throughout the course, references will be made to Human Computer Interaction - the multi-discipline approach to user interface design.

The lectures will provide the foundations needed to examine the user interface at the primitive level. The lectures will also attempt to address the design issues encountered as they relate to the current lecture topics. Here the student will be given a flavour for the HCI aspect of interface design. Case studies and seminars will be used to enlighten the student toward a better understanding of these issues. Readings will be available from the reserve section of the library and maybe supplemented with handouts to provide an appreciation for interface design.

Seminars will be used to discuss in a group environment, aspects of interface design. The student will be required to come prepared to seminar by doing the assigned readings and any preparatory work as required. Each seminar will require the student to submit short papers on the selected topic of discussion. Marks for the seminars will be based on submitted work and participation. See below for details.


Human Factors Design Theory, Principles and Guidelines
Menu and Window Systems Command Languages
I/O Devices User Documentation
Knowledge extraction
Goal Oriented Design

  Marking Scheme
Course Project:  = 30% (See notes below)
    Stage 1 = 7.5%
    Stage 2 = 7.5%
    Stage 3 = 5%
    Stage 4 = 10%
Seminars: (8) = 20%
    15% Participation, preparation, demonstration and understanding of seminar topics.
    5% Attendance
 Test: 15%
Exam : 35% (See notes below)

There will be 1 course project which will focus on interface analysis and design using the primitive rules and principles discussed in class.  This project will involve group work. Each group will consist of at most 2 people. Individuals may option to work by them selves, however this is highly discouraged due to the volume and scale of the project. At least one stage of this project will require the user to implement a mock interface using Visual Basic, HTML and/or Java Script as a tool. Due to the workload of the project it is highly advisable to find reliable partner(s).

The seminar component will require the students to read prescribed material and come prepared to undertake meaningful discussions. Seminar topics may require students to write or photograph examples as appropriate and present these to the seminar.


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