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Course Material

Assignments and Labs - Will be posted as they are finalized. Don't worry some of these links will be dead.

Week  Lectures
Text Book
Labs and Quizzes
1  F  T
Introduction, information representation
1.1 to 1.7

2  F  T
General computer architecture, Number systems, Base conversion, addition and subtraction.
IEEE Floating Point Converter
2.1 to 2.5

3  Fa Fb  T
Basic Logic Gates, Truth Tables.
2.6 to 2.12
Lab 1     Quiz 1  
Assignment 1 (Logic Circuit)
4  F  T
Boolean Algebra and circuit reduction.
Online Reduction Calculator.

3.1 to3.5
Lab 2

5  F  T
Basic Combinatorial Logic ALU design, and data path.
3.6 to3.12
4.1 to 4.2
Lab 3     Quiz 2
Assignment 2 (Logic Circuit)
6  F  T
Introduction of R2000/3000 machine.
Intro to MIPS. s/w Interrupts,Programming patterns, if, loop,

Lab 4   
7  F  T
Procedures, and stack operations
Lab 5      Quiz 3 Assignment 3 (MIPS assembly)
8  F  T
Procedures, and stack operations Continued

Lab 6
9  F  T
Logical, shifting, Examples

Lab 7   LetterGrade   Quiz 4
Assignment 4 (MIPS assembly)
10  F  T
Floating point operations. Cosine.asm

Lab 8    MakeList.asm

11  F  T
Multiplication and division.
TA on duty Assignment 5 (MIPS assembly)
12  F  T
Input/Output Systems, KbdExample.asm

 Quiz 5

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