APCO 2P01 Lab 6


To research memory and learn how to test for defective memory modules.

Introduction & Startup (5 min)

Retrieve your Dell lab machine and set it up.

Exercise 1 (30 Min)

    Complete Lab 4.4.

    How much memory can a 32 bit OS support?

    A 64 bit OS uses 37 bit addressing, how much memory is addressable?

Exercise 2 (45 Min)

    Complete Lab 4.5

    Note: NovaBench3 requires .Net Framework 2.0 to be installed. It is available from the Apco 2p01 main page. As you install NovaBench it will require that .Net be installed first. Go through the procedure as directed.

    For Part 2, be sure to benchmark with 1 GB of memory and 2 GB of memory. This will require you to remove half of the memory and restart the bench mark.

Exercise 3 (30 Min)

    Play Time - Try each of the memory testing programs on your resource disk. See which will work for you. Test the memory of your machine.

Exercise 4 (30 Min)

  A virtual machine can be used to install a guest operating systems onto a host machine. These guest operating systems can be any of the existing systems which currently run on an Intel Architecture. To install an Operating System in a virtual machine, we first must install the Virtual Machine Player. This is a program which acts as a host to the guest operating systems. There are several VM systems, one of the most common and free system is VMWare. Normally, you can google VMware player, and download the client player for your existing operating system. Go to your resource folder and install VMPlayer.

VMPlayer installs very quickly. Once done, run VMWare Workstation (VMPlayer). At this point you are given the option to install an operating system. For the purpose of this lab, lets install a very small OS as proof of concept. Find in the website -> Supplemental Lab Resource Software --- Win98_bootdisk.iso. Create a New Virual Machine and select "Installer disc image file(iso)". Browse and select the Win98 image file. Once started, few screens will appear, select the default in each case. Once installed, you can run windows 98 (command version) from the player.

Note: We are installing the boot disk of Win98, since it take at most 2 minutes. When installing a full blown OS, the installation can take up to 1hr. VMPlayer, can play most operating systems, Linux, MacOS, BSD, all flavours of Windows. It is a clean way of gaining access to another OS,with out having to install them directly on the machine.

Once Win98 is running, you can use your DOS command line knowledge from the  previous lab. Win98 installs on C: and D: drive in the Virtual Machine.