APCO 2P11 Lab 5


This lab will focus on investigating motherboards, configuration and bios updates.

Exercise 1 (45 Min)

Complete Lab Exercise 3.2

Exercise 2 (30 Min)

Complete Lab Exercise 3.3

Exercise 3 (30 Min)

Complete Lab Exercise 3.4

Exercise 4 (30 Min)

Complete Lab Exercise 3.6

1). When completing the section on determining your bios vendor consider using cpu-z or speccy to supplement the information.

2).  Go to the Dell website, www.dell.ca, then to support. Find the Flash files for your computer (BIOS). You can enter the service tag to locate the correct files.

For this stage download the current up to date version of the BIOS.  Place this file in some accessible directory on the machines hard drive.

In addition download the Previous Version of the BIOS, store this in the same location as the current version.

For each version of the BIOS, list the first problem each would fix.

Update the BIOS by Flashing to the current BIOS version. If your machine is already at the current version down grade to the previous version. The machine will automatically reboot for the new setting to take effect. What BIOS version does the boot screen indicate?

Why might one want to downgrade a BIOS?

If you have downgraded the BIOS, update it back to the current version.

Exercise 5 (20 Min)

Lets take a closer look at the command line system. Open a browser window and navigate to http://www.computerhope.com/overview.htm. Open a command window on your machine (cmd). Start button, type in cmd, from the menu selection right click and run as administrator. The windows command system is based on MS-Dos. As a technician you will need to become familiar with command line systems. The below exercise will help you become familiar with basic navigation and command. Be warned that what you do can harm the system if performed incorrectly. Check and double check that what you do is what you want. Ask your instructor for help if you are stuck.

  1. Using only the command line, navigate to the 2p11 resource directory.
  2. Generate a file listing, what is the first entry in the listing? 
  3. Navigate to the root of your system drive.
  4. Create a directory called "My Files". 
  5. Copy the first program from your 2p11 resource directory into the directory My Files.
  6. Generate a listing of My Files.
  7. Navigate back to the 2p11 resource directory and do a listing without it scrolling off the screen.
  8. Delete the directory "My Files".
  9. From the root, run the following "tree users".  What did it produce?