APCO 2P11 Lab 4


You will learn how to remove a CPU from the motherboard. In addition you will learn how to read the numbers on the CPU for identification purposes, determining speed, frequency requirements and necessary information needed to configure the motherboard. At the end of the lab you will look at some benchmarking which can be used to determine CPU performance.

Introduction & Startup (5 min)

Demonstration of removal of HSF unit.

Exercise 1 (45 Min)

Read note below fully please.

Complete Lab 4.1.
When you have the CPU exposed, write down all information printed on the CPU. Once you put the machine back together, go to the Intel site (see lab 3) and look up the CPU. Good practice is to always jot down all numbers which appear once you expose a part. This is usually easier then tearing the machine apart a second time.

Replace the HSF for the CPU, apply a small dab of thermal compound before replacing the unit.

Exercise 2 (20 Min)

To aid in the completion of this exercise instll cpu-z from the resource CD. Use the software to determine the following information.

What type of motherboard does the system contain?

Manufacture and version of the ChipSet.

Describe the CPU parameters. Frequency, FSB speed, Bus Speed

Which instruction sets does the CPU implement?

What is the difference between CPU Speed and FSB speed?

What is the multiplier based on?

Exercise 3 (30 min)

Read following first.

Complete Lab 4.2.

BurnIn Test Pro, BitPro is available from the lab resource folder.

Why does the CPU temperature not register on the test?

From the Quick Tests menu, run Max CPU Temp. How do you know the system is monitoring temperature correctly?

Which CPU's support Temperature monitoring?

Exercise 4 (45 Min)

Complete Lab 4.3.

Exercise 5 (30 Min)

Complete Lab 3.1, Note: HWinFo is available in the resource Folder.