APCO 2P11 Lab 2


Analyze your computer and determine the resources each device needs.

To become familiar with the disassembly of a computer. Learn how to recognize the different cabling inside a computer and understand how to put -  reassemble a computer.

Introduction & Startup (10 min).

During lecture you have been introduced to the boot process. Extensive focus was made on the Plug and Play system, the collection of resource information and the configuration of the drivers. During this lab you will be given an opportunity to see which devices the system recognized and which resources each device was assigned.

Get your computer from the storage location. Set it up connecting all external cables.

Exercise 1 (15 min)

Start your machine, navigate to Wikipedia. In your own words describe your understanding of each of the following.

Interrupt Request (IRQ)

Direct Memory Access (DMA)

I/O Address (Port-mapped I/O)

Exercise 2 (30 min)

For this lab, start Windows 7, and log on. Navigate to:
You should see a list the the installed component for your computer.

Right click on some of these components or the sub category. You should see a properties selection. Selecting the properties will present yet another window, on a few of these windows a Resource tab will be present. This tab lists the resources that were assigned to the device when the OS configured the devices from the PnP system.

For each component and sub-category which has a Resource tab, complete the following table. For those devices which have a large range, just list the start of the range.

I/O Address Range
Memory Address

Which hardware components use IRQs?

Which hardware components use DMA?

In general terms, what is the significance of IRQ's and DMA for the above components? Why would those specific components require an IRQ or DMA?

From Lab 1, you have used UBD_CD with NSSI.

From the utility determine who manufactured the BIOS? What is the revision number?

From the Ports section, what are the IO addresses of the ports?

Do these match the table above?

Exercise 3 (30 min)   Complete Lab 1.4.

What is the form factor of your lab computer?  ____________, Case designation__________, Power Supply Wattage__________

 Where did you find this information?__________________

Exercise 4 (60 min)    Complete Lab 2.1