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Brock TR # CS-03-05 Abstract

Subject-Based File-Link System for the Web    [PDF]
Tomoharu Arakawa and Jerzy A. Barchanski, April 2003.

The system described in this paper is a system designed for organizing files on the Internet based on subjects and for sharing information among a group of people. The system consists of a server program and a client-side browser. The server program is a module of an Apache web server while the client-side browser is a web page with functions enabled by JavaScript. The system creates XML files, each of which acts as a node in a logical tree structure and stores them on the server. The node represents a directory or a file of the tree structure. The system can be used by a small to medium group of people who want to share an information specific for the group or it can be used to organize web documents as a private directory collection.