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Brock TR # CS-02-19 Abstract

rmath User's and Technical Guide    [PDF]
Michael Letourneau, August 2002.

This manual describes rmath, a library of C code which can be used to represent arbitrary length vectors of Galois field elements. It is an efficient representation in terms of both storage space and running time. It currently supports GF(2), GF(3), GF(4), and GF(5), and is designed to be extensible to any other Galois field. In terms of operations, rmath supports: addition of two vectors; multiplication of two vectors; determining the weight of a vector; determining the distance between two vectors; generation of vectors according to a lexicographic ordering; comparison of vectors according to a lexicographic ordering; production of all linear combinations of one or more vectors. It also has a series of support functions for I/O and efficient storage.

To obtain the software, please visit the rmath page.