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Brock TR # CS-02-14 Abstract

A Library of Anticipatory Random Number Generators    [PDF]
Vladimir Wojcik, May 2002.

The goal of this paper is to offer a quick parallel software engineering tutorial while creating an anticipatory random number generating tool. In this approach several difficulties were overcome: the generating task, coexisting with the user program, had to be made aware a priori of the required distributions. Also, this task must be capable of handling possible error conditions. This poses some difficulties, since the task is unaware of the nature of the simulation problem. This difficulty is compounded if the task were to be capable of accepting user-defined distributions: in such situation it is impossible to predict all error conditions that might arise. The task commits suicide, once it is not needed by the user program.

This paper focuses on the parallel software engineering aspects of the problem, assuming that the numerical principles of random number generation are well-known.