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COSC Students Present at CONNECT 2013, Canada’s Learning & Technology Conference

Brock Computer Science students presented their software engineering project at CONNECT 2013 titled "Software to Assist Young Students with Selective Mutism".

This application was designed to assist young students with Selective Mutism (SM) as well as providing pertinent SM resources for educators a prototype of an interactive software that models Bork and Wood’s (2010) iSpeak++ is developed.  This self-directed software consists of a “child section” where children with SM can play therapeutic games and practice daily “exercises”, providing them the opportunity to conquer and overcome their speech phobia in a fun and non-anxiety provoking ways.


Joshua Tomlin-Casera (Team Leader)

Derek Dibblee (Deputy Leader)

Poling Bork (the software consultant.

Instructor for the course: Vlad Wojcik)

Team members:

Joshua Tomlin-Casera

Derek Dibblee


Nate Brown

Ian Manuel

Mark-Anthony Maraj

Jordan Jackson