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Computer Staff Services
Cale Fairchild is the Department's System Administrator. Dave Bockus will help with the Department's hardware problems. Gord Dunkley will help with the course selection and job searches. Baoling Bork is in charge of the Head TA, Lab Demonstrators, and Markers; and will assist you with academic help and any issue/concern related to instructional supports in Computer Science Department. Donna Phelps is the Department's Administrative Assistants. Teaching Assistants and the above staff work together to make sure the Computer Labs run smoothly. You may need to communicate with them to have a computer related problem solved. Using the staff time appropriately is very important to the department.

To help you use Staff time appropriately small posters have been placed within the department to give you an idea of how to get a problem solved the quickest way. A poster has been placed above the printer in J301 to help you solve printer problems. A poster has been put on the door of J333, the room where assignments are currently returned to help you solve assignment return problems. As well posters have been put on Cale's, Dave's and the Administrative Assistant's doors to help you know what they do for you generally.

E-mail and office location for all staff can be found within the faculty/staff pages and the floor plan page respectively.