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Updated: 43 min 13 sec ago

IOGear's wireless HDMI extender embeds 60GHz technology in a USB-C dongle

Wed, 2019-06-05 16:44

IOGear’s new Share Pro wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver kit offers something rather interesting: 60GHz transmissions, connected using either a dongle form factor or a USB-C connector slot.

IOGear began selling the Share Pro USB-C Wireless HD Video Transmitter/Receiver Kit (GWHDKIT11C) on Wednesday for $169.99, somewhat more than existing wireless HDMI kits already on the market. Typically, however, those wireless setups have either used bulky transmitter and receiver units, like IOGear’s 4K setupRemove non-product link, or plugged into (and required) at least one HDMI port, like the Nyrius Aries ProRemove non-product link

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NSA warns that 'BlueKeep' vulnerability in Windows XP and Windows 7 is especially dangerous

Wed, 2019-06-05 12:52

The National Security Agency is warning users that a recent vulnerability affecting Windows 7 and Windows XP systems is potentially “wormable,” meaning that it could be exploited and weaponized by malware.

Microsoft issued an alert in mid-May about a Remote Code Execution vulnerability, known as CVE-2019-0708, that can affect  Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008. Since then, the vulnerability has been nicknamed “BlueKeep.” Microsoft issued a BlueKeep patch for Windows 7, and another BlueKeep patch for Windows XP. Microsoft strongly urges users to patch affected systems.

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One of our favorite wireless chargers is on sale for an all-time-low price today

Wed, 2019-06-05 11:46

Nearly every Android phone and iPhone supports wireless charging, but none of them come with a charger in the box. Today you can grab one of our favorites for cheap: Amazon is selling Anker's awesome PowerWave 7.5 wireless charging stand for an all-time lowRemove non-product link: Just $14 when you check the coupon box in the listing.

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What is two-factor authentication, and which 2FA solutions are best?

Wed, 2019-06-05 11:27

The age of automated authentication through biometric scanning is almost here. Yet even in this time of Apple’s Face IDWindows 10’s Hello, and the up-and-coming FIDO2 specification, passwords are still the main way we log in to our various accounts. That’s why two-factor authentication (2FA) is an important secondary step to guard your online data and services.

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You can get Razer's classic DeathAdder Chroma mouse for a crazy-low price of just $36 today

Wed, 2019-06-05 09:17

Today, you can bring home a legendary PC accessory for a legendary price. NeweggFlash is selling the Razer DeathAdder Chroma for $36Remove non-product link–40 percent off its $70 retail price, one dollar cheaper than the last time we highlighted it back in October and the best price we've ever seen.

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Vizio SB2020 Sound Bar review: This ultra-compact, budget sound bar delivers budget sound

Wed, 2019-06-05 06:00
Vizio's entry-level, ultra-compact soundbar breaks the mold with its small form factor, but the very narrow parameters of its audio performance detracts from its value.

We ran Quake II RTX on a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti card, and here's how fast it was

Wed, 2019-06-05 06:00

On June 6th you’ll finally be able to get Nvidia’s remastered Quake II RTX version for free. And if you’re wondering just how fast the game runs, we just found out in the oldest-school way possible.

First, to catch you up, Nvidia has taken iD’s classic 1997-vintage shooter Quake II and lovingly updated it with a fully path-traced renderer. While you might dismiss that as “just another game with hybrid ray tracing” support, this is much more than that. At this juncture of ray tracing hardware performance, most games use ray tracing sparingly and combine it with traditional raster techniques.

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Best soundbars to improve your TV's audio

Wed, 2019-06-05 06:00
Find the best soundbar for music and movies and that's the perfect fit for your budget.

Microsoft readies a renamed Xbox Console Companion app for Xbox management on Windows

Tue, 2019-06-04 15:13

Microsoft will rename its Windows 10 Xbox app as the “Xbox Console Companion,” presumably in anticipation of changes that will be arriving in conjunction with Microsoft’s presentation at E3 this weekend.

If your Windows 10 apps are up to date, logging into the Xbox app will reveal this message: “Pardon our dust. This app is being renamed to Xbox Console Companion to be a dedicated app for your Xbox console features and settings. A new desktop experience is coming soon!”

There’s certainly room for the Xbox Console Companion to take on a greater role in Xbox remote management. Today, you can use the Xbox app to connect to a remote Xbox console and stream games to your PC, and manage its settings—as long as it’s online and connected. But that’s like establishing a remote desktop connection to log into a remote PC, and using that to check your email. It’s far simpler to connect to a cloud-based service like from your own PC. Similarly, managing an Xbox service remotely—so that the Xbox console could be told how to manage games and other settings once it came back online—would be much more useful.

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Cooler Master SK621 review: a compact keyboard for creative pros

Tue, 2019-06-04 15:00

With its luxe design, multi-colored backlighting effects, and customizable controls, the Cooler Master SK621 aims to give creative professionals the functionality they need without sacrificing the artistry they crave. It mostly delivers on this promise, but the compact mechanical keyboard’s 60-percent layout can be a hurdle if you’re unwilling to give up some typing comfort and accuracy for the travel-friendly size.


Measuring 11.5 x 4 x 1.1 inches and weighing about a pound, the SK621 is small and light enough to carry comfortably in a laptop bag or backpack. Of course, there’s a trade-off for that portability. In order to achieve the compact 60-percent layout, designers had to eliminate a number pad and other landmarks of a full-size keyboard. Many of the dedicated functions such as Home and Page Up/Down, as well as multimedia playback controls, have been added to alphanumeric keys. Others have been reduced in size and relocated to new positions on the keyboard.

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Firefox beefs up security and privacy, blocking third-party trackers, Facebook cookies and more

Tue, 2019-06-04 13:55

If you’ve never used the Firefox web browser before, Mozilla has promised you a soft landing: New users will not be tracked by default.

On Tuesday, Mozilla promised that new users of the current Firefox 67.0.1 and subsequent versions will have Enhanced Tracking Protection turned on by default, blocking all known third-party cookies within Firefox. Enhanced Tracking Protection will go hand in hand with a new version of Facebook Container, which prevents pages with embedded Facebook trackers from watching you as you move around the web. 

While new users will have Enhanced Tracking Protection turned on by default, that doesn’t mean existing users are stuck. You can go to the Firefox main menu and click Privacy & Security. Go to Content Blocking, then make sure the Custom button is enabled, as well as the Cookies checkbox. From there, simply make sure the Third-party trackers option in the drop-down menu is enabled.

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10 new features Apple borrowed, copied, and stole from Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Fitbit

Tue, 2019-06-04 12:40

Apple's WWDC keynote was jam-packed with an array of new features, apps, and tweaks designed to make our Apple device prettier and more powerful than ever before. Come September, Apple devices new and old will have an assortment of new tricks to try in iOS 13, iPadOS, and watchOS 6, and to hear Craig Federighi and company deliver the news, they'll be nothing less than ground-breaking, earth-shattering, and straight-up revolutionary.

But while the new updates may indeed be as dramatic and delightful for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches as Apple says they are, they're not exactly new. At least not for anyone other than Apple users anyway. Most of the marquee features Apple announced yesterday have already been done before, and as the crowd whooped and hollered at every obvious applause break, Android and Fitbit fans were likely smirking rather than clapping.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr review: Watch the fur fly

Tue, 2019-06-04 12:01

A barfing cat isn’t anything especially out of the ordinary, as any cat owner can tell you. But late last week in Elder Scrolls Online’s new Elsweyr expansion, I saw a talking housecat with an eyepatch barf while casting a spell that was supposed to drop me and some friends behind enemy lines. Instead, she plopped us almost right in the thick of them.

And this tale gets weirder still: It wasn’t a hairball that messed her up, but rather the aftershocks from her wild bender from the night before. (At least she had the decency to feel bad about it.) Even more bizarre things await in Elsweyr, whether they be emo necromancers or dragons that spit insults as readily as fire—and yet for all that, I can’t shake the feeling that Elsweyr isn’t quite weird enough.

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Anker's ultra-popular chargers and accessories are even cheaper in Amazon's 24-hour blowout

Tue, 2019-06-04 11:20

Anker’s popular, affordable accessories add a lot of convenience to your life, and today, they’re even cheaper in Amazon’s one-day Anker blowoutRemove non-product link. With everything from headphones to speakers, this sale has plenty of options at a discount. Act fast though! These deals disappear at midnight.

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Upgrade your aging PC with these killer deals on RAM, a 1080p gaming GPU, and an 8TB hard drive

Tue, 2019-06-04 09:38

Upgrading your PC sometimes means a better GPU or CPU, but expanding your storage and RAM is also a pretty sweet way to beef up your desktop. Amazon and Newegg have some nice deals today to help you do just that, and as a bonus, we found a nice deal on a graphics card, too.

Remember when memory cost an arm and a leg? Not anymore. Grab two 8GB modules of Geil Evo Potenza DDR4 3000 RAM for $65Remove non-product link at Newegg. This price ends on Monday. For years, PC users have been paying upwards of $100 for this much RAM, and it’s very nice to see the prices dropping. If you’re getting these sticks to bump your RAM count to 32GB, make sure it’s compatible with your motherboard and current RAM. Mixing and matching RAM can be a real pain, however, and you’re often better off just replacing all your existing memory with the same modules your system. Luckily, you can do that on the cheap today.

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Seagate is the first to hit 16TB capacity with its IronWolf, IronWolf Pro, and Exos x16 hard drives

Tue, 2019-06-04 08:00

Though SSDs are where the performance is at, there's simply no touching the traditional hard drive for capacity and price per gigabyte. The bar has been raised yet again with Seagate's announcement of its first 16TB models in the IronWolf, IronWolf Pro and Exos lines.

The helium-filled Exos X16 will be available for $629 in both SATA and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) flavors, while the SATA-only IronWolf 16TB and IronWolf Pro will retail for $609 and $664, respectively. The plain IronWolf carries a three-year warranty, while the X16 and the IronWolf Pro are covered for five years. The IronWolf Pro also offers two years of free data recovery. 


With four times the capacity of the largest end-user SSD at around 4 cents a gigabyte, a hard drive such as Seagate's IronWolf Pro 16TB is still the most affordable way to store a lot of stuff. 

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The new Mac Pro is Apple’s love letter to forgotten die-hard Mac fans

Tue, 2019-06-04 07:00
Apple’s new Mac Pro—handles, holes and all—is a perfect reboot of the classic Mac we thought was long gone.

Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight starter kit review: Security lighting on the cheap—except for all those batteries

Tue, 2019-06-04 06:00
The all-plastic construction has us wondering about longevity, but the price (and the hooks into the broader Ring ecosystem) can’t be beat.

Apple's new Mac Pro might be the monster Mac professionals have been asking for

Tue, 2019-06-04 06:00

With the debut of the new Mac Pro on June 3, we can finally say, “welcome back to the professional market that you unceremoniously dumped overboard a few years ago, Apple.” (Sure, true believers will say Apple never left, but uhh, trashcan amirite?)

The good news is Apple returns to the pro game as only Apple can: with high-end specs, even higher prices, and one actually bad-ass looking Mac. And no, we don’t mean the actual looks, because, well, the looks are in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, if you have nothing kind to say about cheese graters, don’t say it. What’s more impressive, what’s more important to a crowd who cares only about performance, is what’s inside.

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How to disable your laptop touchpad

Mon, 2019-06-03 19:44

The touchpad has been the standard laptop pointing device for years. Since touchpads are built into a laptop, they work well when you don’t want to carry around another pointing device. Even when a mouse or another pointing device is available, some users prefer the feel of a touchpad above anything else. But whether you love touchpads or just tolerate them, they still get in the way sometimes. When you’re typing on a laptop’s keyboard, it’s common to brush against the touchpad and inadvertently send the cursor flying across the screen. You don’t need to put up with that, however—here’s how to turn it off.

The easiest way to disable a touchpad depends on the hardware. The good news is that manufacturers of modern laptops have tried to address the issue up front. On some notebooks, you’ll find a physical switch to disable and enable the touchpad; look around the laptop’s edge for it. The PC might also offer a keyboard shortcut (such as pressing Fn and F7 simultaneously) to disable the touchpad, or perhaps pressing a certain area of the touchpad itself will turn it off. Check your laptop’s documentation for specific methods.

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