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Four highly rated Anker chargers are cheaper than ever for today only

Thu, 2018-03-01 10:18

Anker’s offering four chargers on sale for their lowest prices yet, but you’ll need to act fast. They’re Amazon’s deal of the day and will disappear tonight. On tap: two Qi wireless charging pads, a USB Type-C wall charger, and a combination Type-C and Type-A wall charger.

The best deal of the bunch is Anker’s 60W Wall Charger PowerPort+ for $33—about $17 cheaper than its usual $50 price. The charger features four Type-A USB ports and one USB Type-C connection that supports Power Delivery fast charging, making it an ideal choice for compatible MacBooks and other devices that support the technology.

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Intel quietly releases Spectre fixes for Haswell and Broadwell CPUs

Thu, 2018-03-01 09:53

The fixed Spectre fixes are coming fast and furious now. Intel quietly pushed CPU firmware updates out for Haswell (4th-generation) and Broadwell (5th-generation) processors earlier this week, following in the footsteps of recent microcode patches for Skylake (6th-gen), Kaby Lake (7th-gen), and Coffee Lake (8th-gen) processors.

The Broadwell and Haswell patches were designated as “in production” in Intel’s recent microcode update guidance, as Tom’s Hardware first noticed. Intel did not publish a blog post heralding their release. The company’s roadmap shows that it plans to issue fixes for processors all the way back to the decade-old Nehalem and Penryn generations.

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The best SSDs of 2018

Thu, 2018-03-01 08:06

Switching to a solid-state drive is the best upgrade you can make for your PC. These wondrous devices obliterate long boot times, speed up how fast your programs and games load, and generally makes your computer feel fast. But not all solid-state drives are created equal. The best SSDs offer solid performance at affordable prices—or, if price is no object, face-meltingly fast read and write speeds.

This article was last updated on March 1, 2018 to name the Samsung 860 EVO as the best SSD for most people.

SSD cheat sheet

Our quick-hit recommendations:

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Everything Roku should do in 2018: A cord-cutter's wishlist

Thu, 2018-03-01 06:00
As Roku lays out its business goals for 2018, here's what cord-cutters can hope for.

Android news from MWC 2018: 8 intriguing announcements you may have missed

Thu, 2018-03-01 06:00

Mobile World Congress 2018 is officially in the books and to the surprise of no one, the Galaxy S9 stole the show. From the AR Emoji to the Super-Slow-mo camera and recycled design, people couldn't stop talking about Samsung's latest flagship phone. And that means a lot of other announcements flew under the radar. Here are some of the coolest ones you may have missed:

MWC 2018: Pop-up cameras Huawei

Huawei's new MateBook X Pro has a pop-up camera, and one might be coming to an Android phone near you.

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Where the Water Tastes Like Wine review: Finding truths through myth and legend

Wed, 2018-02-28 14:52

The sun beats down as I walk up California State Route 1, the Pacific Coast Highway. I crossed the entire country to be here, on foot—first down from New England, down to Florida, then across through the Southern states into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and then finally through the Mojave Desert to Los Angeles, where I turned north again.

It’s been a long walk, always headed towards some new horizon. What’s that idiom? “Americans think 100 years is a long time, while the English think 100 miles is a long way.” Well I’ve walked a few thousand miles, all in search of stories.

Stories of hope, loss, love, betrayal, ghosts and other ghoulish things. I’ve met Paul Bunyan and Casey Jones, conversed with ghosts at the Alamo and in the woods around Georgia, been attacked by a bear and a bull, seen the Jersey Devil drinking water from a bright blue pond, met a woman who faked her own death, worked in the fields until my hands bled, stumbled back in time in Washington DC, and a hundred other anecdotes.

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Pay What You Want For 50+ Hours Of Python Programming Training

Wed, 2018-02-28 14:33

There are quite a few programming languages out there, but when it comes to choosing that first language to learn, Python is hard to beat. Versatile, user-friendly, and tremendously popular, Python is an ideal pick for those looking to get their feet wet with programming, and with the Pay What You Want: Absolute Python Bundle, you can learn its ins and outs for a price you get to pick.

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BrandPost: Your iPhone Has Everything in It. How Do You Protect That Information?

Wed, 2018-02-28 13:29

Thanks to the magic of Apple and other smartphone producers, today we get to walk around with entire libraries in our pockets and purses. Even more: every month our phones make obsolete even more of the chunks of plastic and paper – credit cards, airline tickets, prescriptions – we used to have to carry just to get through our daily lives.

It’s all extraordinarily convenient. But with convenience comes tradeoffs. If you’re like most people, your phone has become the desk drawer that holds your personal information. While this makes things easy for you, it also makes your phone more valuable for criminals. Lose your phone or have it stolen, and you’re at risk for identity theft and credit card fraud, in addition to the hassle of recovering all of the personal information you’ve assumed would be safe.

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The Logitech Proteus Spectrum, our favorite gaming mouse, is over 40% off

Wed, 2018-02-28 10:19

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core and its “unprecedented levels of customization” wowed us from the instant it launched in 2014. Many years and many would-be competitors later, Logitech’s masterpiece still reigns supreme on PCWorld’s list of the best gaming mice. But now you can pick up the RGB lighting-equipped version of the Proteus Core, the G502 Proteus Spectrum, for nearly half off. It’s just $45.99 at Amazon and Best Buy.

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5 ways the Galaxy S9 might be better than iPhone X

Wed, 2018-02-28 07:00

In case you haven’t read a single headline this week, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ made their debut and that can only mean one thing: iPhone X has its first true competitor. With a top-of-the-line chip, vastly improved camera, new biometrics, and, yes, animated emoji, the Galaxy S9 is already a strong contender for phone of the year, even if its Infinity Display design isn’t as jaw-droopingly cool as it was when it debuted last year.

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The best budget computer speakers: Surprisingly sound choices for $50 or less

Wed, 2018-02-28 05:54

Your laptop’s built-in speakers aren’t doing any favors for the gigs and gigs of music and movies on your hard drive. Even the best ones can leave your audio sounding thin and lifeless. External speakers—along with a good set of headphones—are a must for getting the best fidelity from your media files.

A trip online or to your favorite electronics store will reveal a head-spinning variety of options in this category, with some systems costing as much or more than you paid for your laptop. You don’t need to take out a personal loan to upgrade your audio, though. Quality speakers can be found even with a budget of around $50. And while there is a certain degree of “you get what you pay for” at this price level, you’ll be rewarded with satisfying sound if you’re willing to make a few compromises.

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Logitech Z150 Stereo Speakers review: Light on your budget, light on the bass

Wed, 2018-02-28 05:51

Logitech’s Z150 stereo speakers cater to those with simple needs. No flamboyant designs or crazy amounts of connectivity options for these users. It’s enough to find a pair that brings a little extra volume and clarity to our computer audio and fits on our desk. Even within our budget PC speaker roundup, this pair (not even $20 currentlyon Amazon) is notably inexpensive and unassuming.

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Edifier R19U 2.0 USB Computer Speakers review: A better budget speaker

Wed, 2018-02-28 05:50

Typically, the lower you go under the $50 threshold for budget PC speakers, the more the returns diminish. Edifier’s RU19 2.0 system is a rare exception. These speakers sound great, look great, and at just $30 they leave your bank balance largely unscathed. It's one of the better buys in our budget PC speaker roundup (the set is currently $30 on Amazon), which is saying a lot when they're all so affordable.

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Creative Pebble review: Impressively big sound from teeny, $25 speakers

Wed, 2018-02-28 05:50

Creative says its Pebble speaker set was inspired by a Zen Japanese rock garden. This USB-powered 2.0 system has a simple, sparse design with a subtle aesthetic appeal. Still, I wondered how much audio enhancement they could bring to a PC for a measly $25 (on Amazon). Turns out, quite a bit, even compared to pricier budget PC speakers we've tested. 

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GOGroove BassPULSE review: PC speakers boost your music's bottom end

Wed, 2018-02-28 05:50

If the phrase “PC speakers” still conjures images of a pair of beige boxes, GOGroove’s BassPulse may be a bit of culture shock. This 2.1 speaker system promises to turn any music listening session into an instant party with a boost to the bottom end and colored lights that pulse to the beat (choose among the blue we tested, or green or red, on Amazon). This set is at the high end of our price range compared to other budget PC speakers in our roundup, but it offers a rare bit of flair.

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AmazonBasics AC Powered Computer Speakers review: Louder, but not necessarily better

Wed, 2018-02-28 05:49

AmazonBasics AC Powered Computer Speakers (currently $20 on Amazon) are a rare example of truth in advertising. This is a rudimentary set of electrically powered stereo speakers that will amplify your PC’s audio, though not necessarily bring the best out of it. Read our full roundup of budget speakers for options that offer better bang for buck. 

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Creative Inspire T12 review: Killer audio that won't kill your budget

Wed, 2018-02-28 05:49

Creative Labs has been synonymous with great-sounding PC speakers for years, so I generally expect excellent audio even from the company’s lower-end products. The Inspire T12 speaker system (available from Amazon) did not disappoint, delivering warm stereo sound at a great price compared to other budget PC speakers we've tested.

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Lux Kono smart thermostat review: Low-priced and well-connected, but light on advanced features

Tue, 2018-02-27 23:30
This is essentially a reboot of the Lux Geo in a smaller package with a swappable faceplate.

Amazon's got an LG 34-inch curved G-Sync monitor for $150 off

Tue, 2018-02-27 12:38

Today's a good day to get a great 34-inch G-Sync monitor. Amazon's got the curved LG 34UC89G-B on sale for $600, which is the lowest price yet for this monitor based on data from CamelCamelCamel. Usually it sells for over $700, and earlier this month it was selling for $750.

LG's monitor features a 34-inch HD PS display with a 2560x1080 resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 5-millisecond response time. It comes loaded with Nvidia G-Sync so you can synchronize refresh rates between your monitor and a compatible GeForce graphics card.

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Logitech MX Master 2S vs. Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse: Which $100 mouse is worth it

Tue, 2018-02-27 06:30

You should buy premium productivity mice like the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse and the Logitech MX Master 2S for the same reason you’d purchase an expensive bed: because your hands remain in contact with them for hours at a time.

Logitech and Microsoft represent the two of the biggest names in the PC peripheral industry, and the Surface Precision Mouse and the MX Master 2S are their flagship offerings. At just under $100 apiece, both are costly. But each justifies their premiun price with great battery life and distinctly novel approaches to interacting with multiple PCs.

Only one mouse can be the victor, and after trying both, I tip the scale toward the Logitech MX Master 2S. But it also isn’t the one I’d necessarily buy. (I’ll explain.)

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